Back to school

While September brings sports, fun activities and ideal weather conditions, it is also notorious for welcoming the start of school. By the time Tuesday, Sept. 5 rolled around, almost every student in the United States was back in the classroom.

For Matt Striker, ECW Extremist and former New York City school teacher, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

"Kids are going back to school," Striker said. "Personally, I think they should have started going back to school on Memorial Day. I don't think there should be a summer vacation. Learning never stops."

For those who follow Matt Striker closely, the transition back to school should come as no shock. Every day, like each session of Striker's Classroom, is just another day of learning. But since the majority of the country's students consider summer a time for a much needed break, Striker has been kind enough to offer the Cliffs Notes to getting back into the swing of things.

"Always try to sit up at the front of the classroom," he instructed. "Always be the first one to raise your hand whenever your teacher has a question. That way, the students will look up to you for being the smartest."

Striker would likely also advise you to show up to class early in order to get the best seat in the house.

"Second thing. If a teacher ever forgets to give homework, always remind the teacher. Your classmates will thank you, your teacher will thank you, and your brain will thank you."

Striker's next tip focused less on what you should do and more on what you should have.

"Number three. Always have four sharpened number two Ticonderoga pencils on you at all times. Try to leave one in your desk at school. That way, if something happens throughout the day and you're in desperate need of a writing implement, one will be there."

Striker follows his own advice and can always be seen with writing utensils at the ready. Diligent students may already follow Striker's example in wearing pencils behind their ears to emulate their teacher, but his fourth tip is sure to be a new opportunity to explore.

"The fourth item, tidbit, pearl of wisdom that I have for these students going back to school is instead of using these knapsacks that the children are using now, try to bring a suitcase. That way, not only can you bring your textbooks to and from school, but you could also bring in some extracurricular reading -- perhaps an encyclopedia or something of this nature to help you with your studies. I recommend a thesaurus as well."

Striker, who no doubt dons the most interesting tie in all of sports-entertainment, even had a tip on how to make the most of your fashion choices to further your education abilities.

"Always have a picture of your favorite teacher stapled to the inside of your argyle vests. That way, when you're feeling down, all you need to do is gaze into his wonderful blue eyes that were featured in GQ Magazine and say, ‘What would Matt Striker… my teacher… tell me to do?'"

Matt Striker may have left the school system in order to share his intellectual wealth with ECW, but the teacher has not retired. In fact, his classroom is now bigger as he reaches millions of students through ECW on Sci Fi and

"I feel that my role is the same. Educating and shaping fresh, young minds. Regardless of whether I do it in an antiquated building that lacks facilities that are up to par or I do it for the ECW fans, which also lack facilities that are up to par, it's still the same."

Striker, however, does not see the ECW fan base as a lost cause.

"They need me," he said, looking toward the ceiling, "and it's my humble duty to educate. That's what I am. Matt Striker. And I am… your teacher."

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