Pain on a pole

ECW Original Sandman and the extreme educator, Matt Striker, will bring their rivalry to the next level when they face off in a Singapore Cane-on-a-Pole Match on ECW on Sci Fi.

Hatred has burned between these two since Striker brought his classroom to ECW. Sandman has managed to crash several of Striker's Classroom sessions. The two also faced on Oct. 3 when Striker pinned Sandman to pick up a victory along with Big Show. Most recently, Sandman pinned Striker last week on ECW on Sci Fi in another Six-Man Tag Team Match.

The Singapore Cane-on-a-Pole Match marks the first singles match for Striker since joining the ECW roster. He will have nowhere to run this time without Big Show or Test in his corner.

"This kid's nuts," Sandman said in response to Striker's most recent challenge. "Obviously he's outsmarted himself on this one because if he thinks by putting that cane up on a pole he's going to have a better shot at beating me, then he's definitely not as intelligent as he thinks he is."

If there was ever an advantageous stipulation match for Sandman, the Singapore Cane-on-a-Pole Match is it. Striker is out of his element in this one.

"I'll take his head off with it," Sandman said. "No mercy. Not since what he's done to me the last couple weeks."

While Sandman is already penciling in a win for the match and intends on finally beheading the pompous teacher, Striker feels confident in himself.

"First of all, it's physically impossible to take someone's head off," Striker said. "But expect nothing less from a Neanderthal, uneducated, reprobate, inebriated one such as he to think that you can physically take someone's head off. Believe me, that's not happening. Not in my classroom."

Striker acknowledges the brutality of his opponent and within the match itself. But he believes he has what it takes to outsmart Sandman in his own game.

"This is a barbaric, heinous contest. I am a professional wrestler. A highly trained one at that. My strategy will be to ground the Sandman. To make him unable to retrieve that Singapore cane. And finally, when I procure that cane, I will engage in heinous activity."

Will Striker teach Sandman a lesson or will Sandman disrupt Striker's class again? Find out on ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT.


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