RAW under siege

Last Tuesday, RAW Superstars Edge, Lita and John Cena caused a stir when they showed up on enemy turf at the world premiere of ECW on Sci Fi. The WWE representatives interrupted what should have been a grand celebration when Rob Van Dam was presented with the new ECW World Heavyweight Championship. The festivities turned into a disaster when a spear and a low blow from Edge left RVD incapacitated, and John Cena knocked out Paul Heyman with a single punch. The WWE Superstars took off the through the crowd as the ECW locker room surrounded their fallen comrades.

Following the attack, a fired up Heyman addressed the ECW locker room. "If this is how they want to play, if this is how Monday Night Raw wants to play with ECW, if RAW wants to come to ECW, then we're going to bring ECW to RAW. This Monday, we're going to show up on Monday Night RAW, and I'm not going alone. I'm bringing ECW."

Late Tuesday night, ECW.com caught up with Heyman in an attempt to get an explanation as to what the RAW Superstars should expect when ECW arrives at the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York on Monday night. Heyman was short and to the point with his response. "Monday Night RAW brought the fight to us. Now, we're going to bring the fight to RAW. On Monday night, RAW is going to be under siege by Extreme Championship Wrestling."

What do Paul Heyman and the hardcore ECW wrestlers have in store for RAW? Find out for yourself this Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA.

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