Big Show dominant in Satan's playground

On Sunday night at Unforgiven, ECW World Champion Big Show was without question the most physically dominant force within the 3,500 square-foot Hell in a Cell structure, mauling both Triple H and Shawn Michaels like never before. Though D-Generation Xemerged victorious from the biggest, baddest Hell in a Cell Match of all time, both Hell in a Cell veterans left Toronto brutalized and bloodstained by Big Show -- the first Extremist to ever compete in this type of match.

In the first Handicap Match within the Cell, Big Show appeared to need little assistance from the First Family in Sports-entertainment as he launched Michaels into the Cell wall like a javelin and battered The Game with his bare hands. Despite their combined Cell experience of seven matches, HBK and Triple H barely escaped the Air Canada Centre with the limbs in place.

From start to finish, Big Show used his uncanny strength and girth to manhandle The Game and HBK. Each time either degenerate began to gain any advantage, the ECW World Champion -- the only competitor in the match to not leave a bloody mess -- intervened and broke their momentum with his raw power.

After weeks of embarrassment at the hands of Triple H and HBK, Mr. McMahon was intent on desecrating the bodies of his opponents in a fashion similar to their spray-painting of the Chairman's personal jet, limo and WWE Headquarters. Demanding that DX's punishment continue, it was the overzealousness of the incensed WWE Chairman that led to the downfall of the Extreme Giant and the McMahons.

Though Triple H and Michaels emerged from Unforgiven intact and victorious, the assault they endured from ECW's Extreme Giant may have long-term effects on both men's careers.

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