Primed and pounced

Primed and pounced

LONDON, ONTARIO, Canada -- New Breed leader Elijah Burke has taken pleasure in bringing CM Punk pain since the Straightedge Superstar tried to destroy his group from within and embarrassed the self-proclaimed "Paragon of Virtue."

He smiled when he and fellow New Breeder Marcus Cor Von helped damage Punk's ribs several weeks ago. Burke was nearly orgasmic when he and The Alpha Male were disqualified, but delivered a brutal beating to Punk and Rob Van Dam in their tag team match last week on ECW on Sci Fi. Winning didn't matter -- all that mattered was making Punk feel pain.

So, it just seemed inevitable that the two would square off in a one-on-one No Disqualification Match. Initially, the contest was supposed to be a tag team match featuring RVD and Cor Von, but the ECW Original wasn't cleared to compete following a concussion he suffered during a match with Randy Orton on Raw.

Punk has said he prides himself on fighting his battles alone, but he was no match for Burke in a setting where there were no rules. The Straightedge Superstar got off to a fast start, but Burke targeted his ribs. Punk showed his guts and why he has such a growing legion of fans. However, the New Breed leader, with the help of Cor Von, overwhelmed Punk. He pinned the ECW hero after The Alpha Male bulldozed Punk through a table with The Pounce.

The New Breed appears to be primed and ready for a Six-Man Tag Team Tables Match with Punk and ECW Originals Sandman and Tommy Dreamer at One Night Stand. Will Punk be ready for battle on Sunday?

To find out the full results of this week's ECW on Sci Fi, click HERE.

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