The passion returns

During the existence of ECW, the promotion’s fan base became known as perhaps the most rabidly loyal group of fans in wrestling history. Last year’s ECW One Night Stand undoubtedly proved that theory, and tonight, thousands of those fanatics will pack the Hammerstein Ballroom for another taste of extreme.

Not surprisingly, tickets for the show sold out almost instantly, and fans from all around the world have descended on New York City tonight. Many in attendance were also at last year’s One Night Stand and they were eager to share their thoughts on the event.

“I’ve been looking forward to this since last year; when I heard they were going to do it (ECW One Night Stand) again, I couldn’t wait,” said ECW fan Charlie Adamo.

Fellow fan Mike Faddoul agreed, saying that ECW One Night Stand “was the best show of last year in my opinion, and I couldn’t wait for another one to happen. I got my tickets on Ticketmaster the minute they went on sale and I was lucky to get a third row seat.”

The majority of the fans polled said that it was hard to choose which match they were looking forward to most, but there were good arguments made for almost all of them. Of course, the thought of Rob Van Dam or Sabu bringing home some gold was a very popular one among the crowd.

“I’m looking forward to Van Dam vs. Cena,” said Brandon Tolle. “It’s been a long time coming for RVD, and I think tonight is the night.” Adamo agreed, saying “I hope one of the ECW guys wins a World Championship; if that happens, the crowd is going to go ballistic.”

Sean Carlucci has no doubt that Adamo’s wish will come true. “RVD will win the WWE Championship tonight; Cena doesn’t stand a chance.”

It’s no secret that Cena is not a favorite of the ECW crowd; so what’s in store for the WWE Champion when he enters the Hammerstein Ballroom?

“That man doesn’t know what he’s in for; these aren’t the WWE fans, these are the ECW fans,” Carlucci continued. “They’re going to be cursing him out.” Faddoul took it one step further saying that “if Cena does win tonight, I think there’s going to be a riot.”

It’s hard to deny that the ECW fans are extremely passionate. When One Night Stand goes live at 8 p.m. ET tonight, the world will get to see the passion once again. And if you haven’t already, order the pay-per-view or the webcast and see it for yourself.

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