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As erroneously reported on, Tazz did not undergo mere treatment of his knee, but rather he underwent extensive knee surgery last week.

When ECW fans tune into ECW on Sci Fi this week, they won't only be witnessing a unique show because of its Manchester, England broadcast, but also because Elijah Burke will be color commentator.

Burke, the newest addition to the ECW roster, takes Tazz's place at the announcer's table.

"Elijah Burke is the commentator this week," said Paul Heyman, "because of a recent poll on in which people responded that Burke is the Extremist they are most excited about. And being someone who has never turned a deaf ear to the ECW audience's reaction, I decided to place Elijah in this huge position this evening. As always, I listen to my disciples."

Heyman explained that the world has been deprived of the "Elijah Burke experience," and that it is time for ECW fans to get a taste of it.

"Elijah has been commentating on things that he has witnessed for many years; he just hasn't done it in the context of a sports-entertainment program," Heyman said.

So with Burke at the announcers' table this week, what does that mean for Tazz?

Last Friday, Tazz underwent surgery (originally reported as treatment) for a torn meniscus, a frayed collateral ligament, frayed cartilage, and arthritis. He will be watching all the action while recovering at home. 

"Everybody in ECW has seen me limping around the last few weeks, in pain," Tazz admitted.

Tazz's knee problems are nothing new. They spur from an old injury that has lasted so long that the Extremist commentator couldn't even pinpoint when the damage began.

"I did a lot of heavy legwork for a lot of years," Tazz said. "When I wrestled, I never wore knee pads. I wasn't a high flyer in the ring, but I still bounced around and ran around the ring and I just wore down my knee."

Barely able to walk at the moment, Tazz expects to be on his feet again by the weekend. He would no doubt try to tough out the injury, but his condition prevents him from experiencing the pressure involved in flying overseas.

Adding that Burke has excellent microphone skills, Tazz knows that the young Extremist is quick-witted enough to handle the new role. Having the experienced Joey Styles next to him will also be a help.

"And for Tazz fans," Tazz announced, "he will be back next week at the Nassau Coliseum."


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