The Miz makes mark with debut ECW win

The Miz makes mark with debut ECW win

NEW ORLEANS -- Sometimes reality can bite. But victory takes away the pain. And so can the attention of the ECW Divas.

The long-awaited debut of The Miz on ECW on Sci Fi was a successful venture for the former reality television contestant and SmackDown Superstar. After being taken by ECW in the Supplemental Draft, Miz defeated the Full-Blooded Italian, Nunzio, to earn his first extreme win.

Beforehand, The Miz introduced himself to the sexy Extreme Expose dance team and had the trio fawning over the California stud -- which could lead to a whole other more pleasurable battle for Miz's attention.

After his match, while rubbing ice on a fresh bruise, Miz took some time to talk to while basking in the glow of his inaugural win:

Q: Congratulations on your first win in ECW, Miz. What are your thoughts on your debut here on the extreme brand? Is the new environment exciting for you?

A: This is a new territory for The Miz, you know … the Land of the Extreme. I remember as a kid watching ECW. It was actually the first live event that I ever went to. Just seeing the extreme rules and everything about it, it gets my adrenaline up. I'm ready to go out and make an impact.

Q: Since arriving in WWE fresh from the world of reality TV, how do you think you've evolved as a Superstar?

A: I came in here with a reality background, and then I went on to hosting [Miz TV], and I've been wrestling for the past year-and-a-half on WWE. Now I feel like I'm really hitting my stride… learning all this new stuff and I plan on using it all in ECW.

Q: Your time at SmackDown showed your range as an athlete and performer. You hosted Miz TV and had recent success in the ring as well. What talents are you looking to highlight for our ECW faithful?

A: My personality. I'm going to bring a little of my hardcore Miz, and the serious Miz people have been watching on SmackDown. Basically, I'm going to tear this thing up. And I plan on checking out Extreme Expose … those girls look pretty nice. So I plan on dabbling in a little bit of that.

Q: But seriously Miz, you said you are looking to show your "serious" side. Is there really a serious side to you?

A: I've flipped the switch now, I'm learning not just to joke around in the ring, but actually get serious and kick some a**.

Q: You say you're looking to "tear up" the competition. Do you have any aspirations for Johnny Nitro's ECW World Title?

A: Yeah! Miz needs a little gold in his life. Hoo rah!!!

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