Lashley crashes ECW

ECW fans were shocked to discover the identity of the sixth and final entrant in the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match, and even more astounded by the emergence of its newest Extremist: Lashley. Though WWE fans will learn Lashley's motives this Friday night on his final appearance as a SmackDown Superstar, the message he sent on ECW on Sci Fi rang loudly throughout the ECW locker room.

Just days before WWE fans witness Lashley's final taste of action on SmackDown, the former United States Champion spoke briefly with Minutes after spearing the ECW World Champion and signing a contract for the sixth spot in the Chamber, Lashley explained that he came to ECW for "uninhibited fighting."

"I'll be able to fight in ECW," said the hard-hitting young lion. "No allies; just fighting. And nobody's going to stop me."

Lashley claimed that he came to fight, but more specifically, fight for ECW's top prize.

"I want to win the ECW World Title and keep the ECW World Title until I'm ready to let it go -- which will probably be never," added the newest Extremist.

According to ECW representative Paul Heyman, Lashley's sudden and unanticipated arrival in ECW is a sign of the brand's tremendous growth.

"Lashley's surprise appearance on ECW is once again testament that ECW is the place to be," argued Heyman. "The toughest competition is in ECW and the title everyone wants is the ECW World Title. ECW is a thriving enterprise…and everyone rightfully wants to be a part of it."

Despite the action that transpired on ECW on Sci Fi between Lashley and Heyman's henchmen, the ECW "Messiah" insisted that he is genuinely excited for a confrontation between the Extreme Giant and the forceful newcomer.

"It's been a long time since someone as strong and powerful as Lashley has matched up against the most dominant athlete on the face of the planet today," Heyman said. "I am very much looking forward to raising the ECW World Champion's hand after he defeats Lashley just as he has done to everyone else in his ruinous path."

What will Lashley have to say before he leaves SmackDown? Can Lashley earn one last SmackDown victory as he and his partner Batista battle King Booker and Finlay? Will Lashley be the man to stop the massive ECW World Champion? What will transpire just weeks until the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match at December to Dismember?

Tune in this Friday night at 8/9 CT and next Tuesday at 10/9 CT on ECW on Sci Fi to find out.


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