Heyman speaks about ECW on Sci-Fi

This Summer, ECW returns to network television for the first time in over five years when ECW broadcasts live to the world on the Sci Fi channel. Starting on June 13th, and every Tuesday thereafter, ECW on Sci Fi will give fans the extreme action they have been craving since ECW shut its doors in 2001. An enthusiastic Paul Heyman sat down with ECW.com to discuss ECW's improbable return to national prominence on the Sci Fi channel.

Heyman attributes ECW's improbable return to the hard work and dedication of the company's loyal fans. "This thing has kind of spiraled into a life of its own. Originally, the concept was to bring ECW back as an internet only show, sort of an extreme wrestling to the IPod generation. And then, the interest level and the demand from fans for more forced people to take notice. The networks interest in this was so strong that it just sort of blew up until it got bigger and bigger until it was almost unstoppable."

The last time Extreme Championship Wrestling was on network television, things didn't quite go according to plan. According to Heyman, a number of factors contributed to the failure that was ECW on TNN, and later the demise of the company as a whole. Many of those problems, as Heyman explains have already been avoided this time around.

"We were screwed by the TNN Network, and ultimately it was the albatross around our neck that sank the company. But, this time we have a network partner that's interested. This time we have a network partner that wants to brand their network with our show. They have already backed us against those that say ECW doesn't belong on Sci-Fi. We've had more support before we go on the air from this network than the entire time we were on TNN."

Whether it's the fans tuning into ECW for the first time, or those longtime fans returning to the company they so loyally followed, Heyman says the new ECW on Sci Fi has something in store for everyone. "We are going to have everything that made the old ECW great, and a whole lot more. We're not gonna turn back the clock. You can't pretend it's 1999 again because it's not. This won't be a nostalgia show. This is going to celebrate the concepts that we initiated and that we perfected and brought to the table back in the 90's. It's going to springboard a whole new revolution of new concepts and new ideas and be the trendsetter for the future. The ground breaking experience that it was back then, it will be all that again today."

This Summer, the new breed will be unleashed. The aggression that is Extreme Championship Wrestling will make it's much anticipated return to network television starting live at 10/9 CT this Tuesday, and only on Sci-Fi.

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