Sabu strikes again

On SmackDown, Team ECW made its final statement heading into Sunday's huge One Night Stand pay-per-view. Sabu brutally attacked World Champion Rey Mysterio, who minutes earlier had rejected an opportunity to join ECW, and Tazz made the shocking decision to re-join the company he once dominated. 

The World Championship match at One Night Stand suddenly has a whole new complexion. Extreme legend Sabu interfered in the SmackDown main event, which featured his One Night Stand opponent, Rey Mysterio. The hardcore wrestler distracted the Champion, allowing his opponent, Finlay, to pick up a controversial win. What happened after the bell, however, is what will have everyone talking over the next 48 hours leading up to Sunday's huge pay-per-view.

As a prone Mysterio tried to recover from his match, Sabu hit the ring and assaulted the Champion with a steel chair, sending Rey crashing to the arena floor. Once outside, Sabu took advantage of the situation. The death-defying ECW legend set Rey up on a table and proceeded to put him through it with a patented Triple Jump Legdrop from the top rope. A devastated Mysterio lay motionless on the ground as SmackDown went off the air, leaving fans to wonder what kind of condition he will be in come Sunday when he's forced to put his World Championship on the line against the suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, death-defying ECW legend that is, Sabu. (watch the video)

All this occurred just moments after Mysterio had turned down an offer from Paul Heyman to leave SmackDown and join the new ECW. As first reported on, Heyman first made the offer just moments after Wednesday's WWE vs. ECW Head to Head. In front of the Wheeling, West Virginia crowd, Rey told the world that SmackDown was his home. "I gotta admit Paul, I owe a lot to you. ECW was the first company in the United States to give me a break. But, ever since I came to WWE four years ago, there's only been one home for Rey Mysterio, and that's SmackDown. In this very ring, I won the World Championship. These are my people, and this is where I'm going to stay." (watch the video)

While one WWE Superstar turned down an offer to join ECW, another decided to go back home to ECW. SmackDown announcer Tazz made a stunning announcement when he revealed to his play-by-play partner Michael Cole that it was time for him to return to where he got his start. "Cole, I got something I wanna say… in regards to staying here on SmackDown, or going to ECW, I've made my decision. Tazz is going where Tazz belongs. Tazz is going…home. Tazz is going back to ECW for good. I had great time here on SmackDown, but I'm done. I'm going home. Goodbye." (watch the video)

Tazz' startling words followed a brief tirade he directed towards his One Night Stand opponent, Jerry "The King" Lawler. "Lawler, I wanna explain something to you. I am done telling you, this Sunday night at One Night Stand, I am going to choke you out. Mark my words, look into my eyes Lawler, I swear to you on my child, I'm choking you out."

With One Night Stand right around the corner, one has to wonder, can a softened Rey Mysterio recover in time to prepare for the hostile environment that awaits him at the Hammerstein Ballroom? If not, he will walk out of One Night Stand without the World Championship that fans have grown so accustomed to seeing around his waist. What will happen if Sabu does win the World Championship, and brings it to the new ECW? There's only way to find out and that's to order One Night Stand, which is live this Sunday and only on pay-per-view.

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