Last chance against the monster

Last chance against the monster

It's true. As Jonathan Coachman explained on Raw, The Great Khali's contract with ECW has expired and the Punjabi monster is now a mainstay on Monday nights.

However, has learned that before Khali leaves the Land of the Extreme, he will honor his commitments and face Tommy Dreamer one-on-one on this week's ECW on Sci Fi.

For weeks, the ECW Original has endured the menace of his massive enemy and his monstrous attacks. Despite being nearly maimed by Khali on the Dec. 19 edition of ECW on Sci Fi, Dreamer explained via satellite last week that he will return to face Khali.

"Some may say there's something seriously wrong with me," Dreamer told Joey Styles and Tazz. "That's who I am. That's what I'm about… I get knocked down and I get back up."

Tazz and Styles, who have known the ECW Original for years, since the days before the new breed, also asked if Dreamer had a "death wish" in persisting in this one-sided rivalry.

"Death wish? No!" uttered Dreamer, with eyes fiercer than they've ever been in his hardcore career. "That's just what I do."

This match with The Great Khali will be The ECW Original's last opportunity to exact revenge for the last month of Dreamer's physical anguish. But, for an individual who has felt the painful end of just about every weapon one can think of, could this be a death mission that even Dreamer cannot survive?

Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi live Tuesday night at 10/9 CT to find out.

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