Dancing queens

Dancing queens

On Tuesday night in Mobile, Ala., Ice Cube's "You Can Do It" was accompanied by the sound of thousands of jaws hitting the floor. ECW fans were treated to a smoking-hot surprise when three of the Sexiest Women on Television formed Extreme Exposé.

To the delight of those watching on Sci Fi, Layla and newcomer Brooke joined Kelly Kelly in what will likely go down as one of the sexiest dance routines ever televised.

After taking a cold shower, WWE.com spoke to the three delicious Divas.

"Layla is an amazing choreographer," Kelly noted. "I think the crowd really loved it! When we came in today, they changed the music on us so we only had a few hours to change everything, but it all came together." 

The 2006 $250,000 Diva Search winner, Layla put her experience as a former dancer for the NBA's Miami Heat to good use as she choreographed Extreme Exposé's debut routine.

"I love to dance," explained Layla. "That was just amazing. Being out there with Brook and Kelly -- the energy was awesome. That was a blast."

According to Layla, the crowd played a big role in the success of the routine.

"I had the best time ever. What was even more amazing was the crowd. They were screaming so loud I couldn't even hear the music. The crowd started going crazy as soon as we started shaking our butts -- can I say ‘butts'?"

ECW fans certainly offered a warm welcome to the beautiful and curvaceous Brooke, a new, gorgeous face to the Land of the Extreme. The St. Louis native feels right at home busting a move.

"I played basketball in high school and learned a lot of moves from the girls I played ball with," Brooke said. "Then I started hip-hop dancing and dancing in clubs."

Will ECW fans be lucky enough to get another installment of ECW's newest triple threat?

"I think the crowd was really into it," said Kelly. "Hopefully they will get to see more next time."

We hope so too, Kelly, we REALLY do.

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