An "Expose" of their own

Sandman and Tommy Dreamer are both ECW originals that have always lived and breathed extreme. But a few weeks ago, something happened that both men agree was too extreme for some tastes.

For weeks, Sandman and Mike Knox have been at each other’s throats, with Knox’s girlfriend Kelly Kelly unknowingly being the central catalyst. On the July 18 edition of ECW on Sci Fi, Sandman stopped Knox from interrupting Kelly’s Expose and caned the new Extremist to set off their war. When asked why he did that, Sandman offered a response that any male ECW fan (and perhaps some female fans) can appreciate.

“Yo, the girl is hot!” Sandman screamed. “I was in the back drinking and she was going to get naked, and this guy stopped her! Hey, if you don't want your girl to get naked in public, don’t go out with an exhibitionist!”

That moment led to a match between Sandman and Knox, and that’s where it happened. When Sandman went to nail Knox with his Singapore Cane, Knox pulled his girlfriend in the way to use her as a human shield. Poor Kelly took the vicious brunt of the blow, and to make things worse, Knox scampered to the back and left her behind.

When asked recently about the incident and his thoughts on Knox, Sandman wasn’t shy about letting his feeling be known.

“He's the lowest scumbag I’ve met in a long time,” Sandman said seriously. “He's putting his girl in a bad, bad environment.”

Both Sandman and Dreamer know first-hand what it’s like to see a loved one get taken to the extreme…because it’s happened to them many times. In one of the most sadistic scenes in ECW history, Rhino gave Sandman’s wife Lori a piledriver off the apron, through a table and down to the concrete arena floor. Dreamer has seen it with long-time associate Beulah McGillicutty; over the years, she’s been beaten and bloodied several times, including just recently by Edge at One Night Stand. She even had her neck severely injured by the Dudley Boys several years back, courtesy of their signature Dudley Death Drop.
So when Dreamer saw his biggest rival, Test, help Knox attack Sandman, it was only natural that he step in to help his friend. But when the four men met in an Extreme Rules Tag Team Match Tuesday night on ECW on Sci Fi, it was Dreamer who got physical with Kelly.

During the match, Dreamer was left alone in the ring with Kelly. It looked like he was going to plant a kiss of the gorgeous exhibitionist, but instead, he bent her over his knee and delivered a good spanking.

It was a moment that many in the crowd at the Hammerstein Ballroom seemed to enjoy, but Dreamer insists that it was done for her own good and offered some advice for Kelly.

“Don’t come out there if you’re not willing to get hurt,” he said, “because you will. You may get hit with a chair, or caned, you never know. A crazed fan may even try to get you. If you don’t want to deal with it, don’t be out there.”

Of course, Dreamer was attacked by Paul Heyman and his personal security force immediately afterward, which led to Test pinning him to pick up the win for his team. So once again, it was Kelly’s unwitting involvement that led to a Mike Knox victory.

Despite that, or maybe because of it, Dreamer insists that this isn’t the last of their issues.

“Is it the end? Absolutely not,” he said. “There's more to come from me and Sandman for Test, Knox and of course my albatross, Paul Heyman.”

Sandman agreed, but said Tuesday did “solve my insatiable desire to hate someone so much that I want to cane him halfway into the grave!”

The way things ended at the Hammerstein Ballroom, it wouldn’t be a surprise if both men got another chance to quench their thirsts.

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