Golden vote

Golden vote

It was a bittersweet night on ECW on Sci Fi for Rob Van Dam who came up short in a Triple Threat Match against Test and Sabu, but was selected by ECW fans to battle Lashley for the ECW World Title on Jan. 2.

Van Dam met his fellow poll candidates in a Triple Threat Match in the main event of ECW on Sci Fi. In a classic ECW confrontation between three of the brand's top performers, RVD looked to be on his way to victory with a Five-Star Frog Splash until the self-proclaimed Impact Player managed to steal RVD's pin on Sabu and outshine the two ECW Originals.

To Test's dismay, just moments after his victory, the revelation was made that Van Dam received the most votes on An outraged Test charged at RVD and bludgeoned him with a big boot to the head, knocking him cold. Test may have won the contest and left RVD down, but the ECW fans have spoken and Van Dam will challenge Lashley for his title. (WATCH)

As Lashley explained at the very start of the show, the ECW World Champion has a target on his chest and he is more than committed to defending his gold. He also talked about his pride in participating in this year's WWE Tribute to the Troops until Rene Dupree came to the ring and insulted the U.S. Armed Forces. A fighting champion, Lashley proved that he lives for challenge by dominating Rene Dupree this week, but he will need to be prepared for absolutely anything when he steps into the ring with RVD in two weeks with the ECW World Title at stake.

The action on ECW on Sci Fi was greater -- and larger -- than ever this week as The Great Khali made his in-ring debut in the Land of the Extreme. After Daivari coaxed "The Reject" Shannon Moore into a singles match earlier in the night, the loudmouthed Extremist later stepped aside for Khali to decimate Moore. 

Suddenly, Tommy Dreamer came to ringside toting a steel chair and blasted Daivari. Khali immediately came to his associate's defense and leveled Dreamer, dropping the fearless ECW Original with a two-handed chokeslam atop the steel ring steps. As the audience stood in awe of Khali's savagery, EMTs flooded the ringside area and carted Dreamer out on a stretcher. (WATCH)

Also, the war between CM Punk and Hardcore Holly escalated this week as the Alabaman challenged Punk to try to force Holly to tap out within just three minutes. With just seconds left on the clock, Punk locked in the Anaconda Vise but Holly resisted the urge to tap -- unlike the week before. As Punk released the hold at the referee's plea, Holly recovered and attacked the straightedge competitor from behind, leaving Punk down and out.

In addition, ECW on Sci Fi was paid a visit by a very special guest in Brad Armstrong of the legendary Armstrong family. Sitting beside Tazz and Joey Styles during a match between Balls Mahoney and Matt Striker, Armstrong's unique insight brought a different color to the ECW announce team. During that contest, Striker's lesson plan continued as he scored a controversial win over Balls.

Much like the obnoxious Extreme Educator, the bully Mike Knox was ill-received by ECW fans this week as well. For the first time since his reprehensible physical attack on Kelly Kelly, Knox expressed his feelings on what many consider one of the ugliest break-ups in television history. (WATCH)

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