CM sunk

CM sunk

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The ECW Champion's bad week began at Armageddon underneath the massive body of Big Daddy V, but it somehow grew worse on Tuesday night as CM Punk was on the foul end of an attack by not just MVP, but also Chavo Guerrero.

After the United States Champion refused to break an illegal hold despite the referee's persistent warning, Porter was disqualified on ECW. This didn't stop MVP from continuing his attack on a weakened Punk after the bell. Then, in an assault that no one could have ever predicted, Guerrero -- who hasn't been seen in months -- came to the Land of the Extreme and hand-picked the ECW Champion to be his victim.

Two days after being pinned by the 500-pound Extreme Mastodon on pay-per-view, the Straightedge Superstar brought his bruised body to ECW on Sci Fi where he competed in a rare Champion vs. Champion contest against U.S. Champion MVP. Like Punk, Porter was also served a dose of defeat on Sunday; the U.S. Champ retreated from his match with Rey Mysterio, resulting in a count-out loss for MVP. With his chin still high and his competitive spirit still very much in tact, CM Punk was prepared to pick up where Mysterio left off at Armageddon and humble the Ballin' Superstar in Rochester, N.Y.

For the first time, the Straightedge Champion locked up one-on-one with Porter, yielding a true showcase of athleticism from both tenacious, gifted warriors. The gold-laden encounter came to a controversial close, however, as the young, championship bearing lions' encounter ended with MVP getting himself disqualified.

Moments after the official decision was rendered, an irate Porter unleashed his frustrations onto the worn tattoed Superstar and left Punk down in the center of the ring. To make matters much worse, the pugnacious former Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero, invaded the ECW squared circle and laid waste to its titleholder. Proving true to the literal meaning of his namesake, Guerrero relentlessly ravaged the already battle weary CM Punk with a triad of suplexes and a huge frog splash.

What's the meaning behind Chavo's assailment on the Straightedge Champion? Has Punk found himself yet another foe, yet another threat to his reign? Stay tuned to ECW on Sci Fi and Friday Night SmackDown as this story continues to develop.

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