Ryder sees red

Ryder sees red

LAREDO, Texas -- ECW Superstars of yesterday and today will collide as The ECW Homecoming kicks off a weeks-long battle to determine who ECW Champion Christian will defend his title against next. WWE Universe, prepare for an Extreme road to the Royal Rumble!

ECW Homecoming announcement (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Tiffany announced an exciting, new concept that will determine who receives the next ECW Championship Match. Throughout the next four weeks, the ECW General Manager will invite former ECW Superstars to compete with current ECW Superstars in The ECW Homecoming. Sixteen Superstars will compete one-on-one and eight will advance to The Homecoming Finale, featuring an Over-the-Top Rope Challenge on the Jan. 12 edition of ECW on Syfy. The winner of the Challenge will receive an ECW Title Match against Christian at Royal Rumble!

Kane def. Zack Ryder (ECW Homecoming Qualifying Match) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
He's baaaack. The Big Red Monster returned to ECW on Syfy Tuesday to help kick off the first night of ECW Homecoming Qualifying Matches, per Tiffany's orders. Kane faced Zack Ryder, who was again joined at ringside by his latest love interest, Rosa Mendes. But the Diva's presence didn't exactly bring the Long Island, N.Y., Superstar much luck, as the powerful Kane bulldozed through his opponent, sealing his fate with a chokeslam, moving on in The ECW Homecoming.

Next week, former ECW Champion Jack Swagger returns to the Land of the Extreme to face ECW's newest sensation, Yoshi Tatsu in an ECW Homecoming Qualifying Match. Both Superstars will vie for the chance at an ECW Championship Match at Royal Rumble. Who will prevail and move on to the Over-the-Top Rope Challenge?

Ezekiel Jackson def. Vladimir Kozlov (ECW Homecoming Qualifying Match) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In the first-ever ECW Homecoming Qualifying Match, Vladimir Kozlov competed against his estranged Ruthless Roundtable associate, Ezekiel Jackson. In mere minutes, their leader, William Regal, turned on The Moscow Mauler, hooking his leg, allowing Big Zeke to hit Kozlov with a Yurinagi for the victory, advancing in The ECW Homecoming. After the match, Kozlov attacked Regal, but Jackson intervened and he and Regal threw their former comrade into the ECW announce table. Now that Regal has sided with Jackson, who can Kozlov trust? How will Regal attempt to help Jackson earn an ECW Championship Match at Royal Rumble?

The Hurricane def. The Ripper (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Good prevailed in the Land of the Extreme, as The Hurricane defeated The Ripper, earning some retribution in the process. The Ripper recently attacked The Hurricane during his match against Zack Ryder on "WWE Superstars." But on Tuesday night, before The Hurricane bested The Ripper with a Shining Wizard for the victory, he unmasked his evil opponent to reveal his identity as Paul Burchill, as his sister, Katie Lea (aka The Beautiful Nightmare), looked on. Thus, neither Burchill nor The Ripper earned an ECW contract. Afterward, Gregory Helms met the devastated Burchills in the locker room area. (WATCH)

"The Abraham Washington Show" with Slammy Award-winning Diva Maria (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Maria, the Slammy Award winner for Diva of the Year, made a special appearance on ECW on Syfy this week when she joined "The Abraham Washington Show." The critically-acclaimed talk show host confronted the SmackDown Diva about being interrupted by Batista at the Slammys.

"As embarrassing as it was, at least I won a Slammy," she quickly retorted to Washington, who was nominated but not a winner. "You didn't get robbed! I've seen your show…"

"It stinks!" shouted Washington's sidekick, WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas.

Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft def. local competitors (PHOTOS | WATCH)
ECW newcomers Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft earned their third win in the Land of the Extreme this week. The video game playing duo was victorious over another pair of local competitors, and afterward, declared they'll be the 2010 Slammy Award winners for Tag Team of the Year! Will Barreta & Croft change the world as they've promised? Which tag team will they say "game over" to next?

Announcing …
The Land of the Extreme welcomes Savannah as the new ECW ring announcer. Check out the Diva's latest photos on WWE.com!

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