Half man ... not so amazing

Half man ... not so amazing

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On ECW on Sci Fi, the WWE Universe stood witness as the Extreme champion took on the Franchise Playa, desperate to get back on his game. Meanwhile, two members of the New Superstar Initiative battled for recognition. (Watch ECW's Quick Cut)

ECW Champion Matt Hardy def. Montel Vontavious Porter (Non-Title Match) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
At the conclusion of a grueling match between two long-time foes, Matt Hardy countered MVP's Playmaker, hitting a Side Effect and Twist of Fate combination to triumph over the Ballin' Superstar. MVP came to the Land of the Extreme looking to break his three-month losing streak, but nobody informed the ECW Champion who continued to reign supreme while MVP dropped further into the realm of misfortune.

Jack Swagger def. Ricky Ortiz (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Jack Swagger proved victorious over Ricky Ortiz with his Swagger Bomb. After "The All-American American" called out ECW General Manager Theodore Long and stated that he should be No. 1 contender to the ECW Championship, Long and Tiffany decided to make a match between Swagger and Ortiz -- another undefeated Superstar and fellow member of Long's New Superstar Initiative. With a huge win over Ortiz, could Swagger be setting his sights on the ECW Title?

Finlay reluctantly accepts Mark Henry's challenge (PHOTOS)
When Finlay made mention of his tremendous family legacy in the business to call out Mark Henry and continue what they started last week, the World's Strongest Man used his words to corner both the Belfast Brawler and his son into a dangerous situation. After implying that he would hurt Hornswoggle when Finlay least expected it, Henry proposed they settle things in a tag team match next week -- Finlay and Hornswoggle vs. Mark Henry and WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas.

DJ Gabriel def. Local Athlete (PHOTOS)
With Alicia Fox getting down in his corner, newcomer DJ Gabriel danced his way to another victory, torpedoing through a local athlete from the second turnbuckle for the devastating win.

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