Can Morrison & The Miz coexist?

Can Morrison & The Miz coexist?

Separately, John Morrison and The Miz have always clashed like water and oil, but when they mixed, they slipped the WWE Tag Team Championship from Matt Hardy & Montel Vontavious Porter and now boast the titles as their own. They put doubters to rest when they proved they could coexist. But how long will that last?

Morrison and The Miz have spent much of their time on Tuesday nights competing against each other to be the man who dethrones ECW Champion CM Punk. They have had physical altercations outside of the ring and, most recently, The Miz threw his hat at Morrison, distracting him and costing him a match for the title.

When the bickering Superstars took to the ring on Friday night as a result of the ECW-SmackDown agreement, they set their differences aside long enough to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship from Hardy & MVP. Then they successfully defended it against the former title holders only moments later.

The Shaman of Sexy and the self-proclaimed "chick magnet" found themselves with another opportunity at the ECW Championship when they took part in a Triple Threat Match against the Straightedge Superstar at Survivor Series. Despite working together in the early stages of the contest, neither The Miz nor Morrison emerged victorious.

With their hunger for individual stardom as champion of the Land of the Extreme, will Morrison and The Miz be able to achieve their other goal of successfully defending the WWE Tag Team Championship? Hardy & MVP were able to set their differences aside long enough to boast the titles for nearly three months. Can these two ECW Superstars enjoy a similar run or do their selfish desires make this team destined for a breakdown?

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