Two Ms in Team?

Two Ms in Team?

As has been proven throughout history, anything can happen in WWE. Rednecks can rise to stardom. Boyhood dreams can come true. And sworn enemies can become WWE Tag Team Champions … then lose the gold to a duo that just might dislike one another even more than the former champions.

Just 48 hours before the opportunity to fulfill their conflicting goals of seizing the ECW Championship at Survivor Series, John Morrison and The Miz made history by capturing the WWE Tag Team Titles from MVP and Matt Hardy on SmackDown. (WATCH)

"Every time John Morrison steps in the ring, the same thing happens," the Shaman of Sexy stated, referring to his title successes. "Let me say The Miz looks ridiculous; nobody likes his hat. And, though I don't like the idea of sharing the gold with Miz at all, he is probably the greatest Superstar on the ECW roster, besides me."

Instantly interjecting his own comments after Morrison's, the offended "chick magnet" demanded equal time with to discuss the championship victory.

"On SmackDown, I had to seize the opportunity that I was given," The Miz explained. "Any time I set my goals to do something, it gets done. Even if it's with John Morrison as my partner in my corner, it doesn't matter. I win at all costs."

The Miz won on Friday Night SmackDown alongside an improbable tag team ally in the Tuesday Night Delight. Snaring gold from an opposing brand, the duo made arguably the greatest impact to date in the business agreement forged by ECW General Manager Armando Estrada and Acting SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero.

"Matt Hardy and MVP were the greatest tag team in sports-entertainment," Morrison explained. "There was nobody better until I -- along with The Miz -- knocked them down a notch and proved that we are the greatest tag team in history."

In typical Morrison fashion, the (now) four-time tag team champion described the praises hailing down upon the newly crowned titleholders.

"I've already heard the comparisons," he boasted, "people calling us the second coming of the Road Warriors … the Midnight Express … whatever tag team Michael Hayes was on -- but better and in far better shape."

Disregarding this questionable self-laud, no one can deny that the Shaman of Sexy and ECW's chick magnet scored a massive triumph over a talented (however dysfunctional) tandem comprised of two of sports-entertainment's best. For nearly three months, Porter and Hardy valiantly defended their titles against all challengers until finally being unseated by the Land of the Extreme's finest.

"Nobody's been able to take them down on SmackDown or Raw -- not even Kane and The Undertaker -- until The Miz and Morrison," the chick magnet emphasized. "I may not like Morrison, but the fact is, he's an up-and-rising Superstar -- right on my coattails. It just might work."

It will be interesting to see if this unlikely pairing can get along better than the preceding champions. More importantly, while this unforeseen changing of the gold-bearing guards seriously affects the sports-entertainment landscape, the implications of Friday night are most pressing with respects to the ECW Championship.

For weeks, Morrison and Miz were at each other's jugulars. Suddenly, following two impressive wins over Porter and Hardy on SmackDown territory, these ECW Superstars find themselves at each other's side, sharing the WWE Tag Team gold. The bizarre twist on this serendipitous championship victory, however, is that there is only one ECW Title to win this Sunday when both men meet CM Punk in a Triple Threat Match.

"John Morrison is destined for gold," asserted the arrogant Shaman, himself. "I cast shadows over the tragedies of people's lives, cure depression and restore faith in humanity; to revitalize attitudes of nations."

He continued, "I am the perfect combination of time, place, charisma and talent. CM Punk never had a chance at Survivor Series. Now, Miz and I are tag champions, but that doesn't change anything when it comes to Sunday. I've got my sights set."

Morrison's newfound partner offered a contrasting opinion on the outcome of the high-stakes Triple Threat encounter. Altering his moniker accordingly, The Miz argued that by the next edition of ECW on Sci Fi, the "gold magnet" will not just hold the WWE Tag Title, but also the ECW Championship.

"I am going to look amazing with the ECW Title and the tag titles," gloated the faux-hawked Superstar. "The object is to have as many chicks, as much fame and as much gold as anybody else in WWE -- and then some. That's what The Miz sets out to do at Survivor Series."

Now that they wield two lustrous symbols of exceptional teamwork, will The Miz and Morrison embody these characteristics in a Triple Threat Match for the ECW Title? Exactly how will the WWE Tag Team Champions do anything but revert to their contentious ways? Does the ECW Champion have something more to fear or will CM Punk's opponents disintegrate as he told earlier this week?

Find out live as Survivor Series comes to you live from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Fla., Sunday at 8/7 CT.

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