Christian retains

Christian retains

SHEFFIELD, England -- In one of the toughest matches of his ECW career, Christian defeated William Regal in his native country to retain the ECW Championship. It was the rivals' fairest fight to date, as Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov were banned from ringside, allowing Captain Charisma to prevail over The British Brawler.

ECW Champion Christian def. William Regal in a Title Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
William Regal finally had his wish granted last week by ECW General Manager Tiffany -- a title match against Christian. It was a match Regal wanted and obsessed about for months, and Regal's terms were agreed upon by Christian -- with Captain Charisma allowing The British Brawler to contend for the ECW Championship in his homeland, England.

However, with Regal's Ruthless Roundtable banned from ringside, the odds were stacked fairly for both competitors. This time, Christian and Regal finally met again, one-on-one without distractions or assistance from other Superstars, and it was the ECW Champion who truly triumphed. After breaking out of the Regal Stretch and hitting The British Brawler with a devastating Killswitch, Christian pinned his foe for the hard-fought, monumental victory to retain the ECW Championship.

Is the end of the rivalry between Christian and Regal? Has Christian finally proven he's the ECW Superstar most-deserving to wear the Extreme gold? Or will Regal try again to capture the ECW Championship? And if so, how will Tiffany react?

Goldust def. Paul Burchill (PHOTOS | WATCH)
With his sister, Katie Lea, in his corner, Paul Burchill faced Goldust this week on ECW on Syfy, but The Ripper's rival, The Hurricane, distracted him during the match. The masked Superstar's interruption allowed Goldust to capitalize on the situation, hit Burchill with a Final Cut and pin him for the victory, giving The Hurricane the last laugh before his critical match against Burchill next week.
Burchill is determined to prove to the WWE Universe that The Hurricane and Gregory Helms are the same person. Next Tuesday, if The Ripper wins, The Hurricane must unmask in front of the WWE Universe, revealing his true identity. But if The Hurricane wins, the Burchills must leave ECW for good. Who will prevail in this monumental Mask vs. Career Match? Watch ECW on Syfy Tuesday night at 10/9 CT.

The Abraham Washington Show with Yoshi Tatsu (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Could it be? An Abraham Washington Show that didn't erupt into a brawl? It seems taking the critically-acclaimed, late-night talk show international was the trick. This week's episode from the Sheffield Arena, featuring Japanese Superstar Yoshi Tatsu, featured plenty of laughs from WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas and ended on a somewhat peaceful note, although Abraham Washington wasn't too pleased when Tatsu stole the show.

Vance Archer def. local competitor (PHOTOS)
Tuesday night's newest Superstar, Vance Archer, earned his second victory in as many weeks on ECW on Syfy. To the WWE Universe who doesn't know much about Archer, he offered this: "Who is Vance Archer? My opponent is about to find out." With another domineering win over a local competitor, the confident Archer is quickly making a name for himself in the Land of the Extreme with a 2-0 record. How will this newcomer make an impact on ECW on Syfy? Who will dare to enter the ring to face Archer next?

Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendes meet again (WATCH)
While many think the beautiful and enchanting Rosa Mendes distracted Zack Ryder last week, leading to his loss to Shelton Benjamin, the Long Island, N.Y., Superstar told the Diva he'd welcome her to his corner of the ring anytime. On this week's "WWE Superstars," Ryder will meet Benjamin again. Will Rosa return to ringside, and if so, will her presence help or hinder Ryder's game? Tune in to "WWE Superstars" on WGN America Thursday night at 8/9 CT.

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