Hats off to Morrison

Hats off to Morrison

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Coming full circle in his title reign by facing the man he defeated for the gold two months earlier, ECW Champion CM Punk broke the cycle by beating John Morrison on ECW on Sci Fi.

The Straightedge Superstar served his rival an indisputable loss and silenced those who doubted Punk could overcome Morrison one more time with the title at stake. The champion's celebrating was accompanied by controversy, however, as The Miz acted on his animosity and aided in the Shaman of Sexy's ECW Title Match defeat by simply tipping his hat. (WATCH)

Just one week ago, the Tuesday Night Delight earned a title match against CM Punk by scoring a victory in a No. 1 Contender's Match against ECW's faux-hawked Casanova. Former champion Morrison had finally secured a much anticipated battle with Punk for the gold -- the first since the Shaman lost it to Punk in early September.

With Morrison outnumbering the Straightedge Superstar in title match victories against one another, many questioned whether CM Punk would leave the Golden State with the gold around his waist. The tenacious champion supported his statement to WWE.com earlier in the week as it seemed Morrison might not have been "ready" for the Straightedge Superstar. Punk took the fight to the arrogant challenger, making for a hotly contested encounter for the Land of the Extreme's most coveted prize.

In addition to Punk's relentless headstrong assault, the Tuesday Night Delight was also perhaps competing against a mental distraction referred to as the "chick magnet." Earlier in the night, Morrison bumped into The Miz in the locker room area where they exchanged a volley of verbal disparagement. Though brief, this interaction appeared to seep into Morrison's head and perhaps inhibit his focus on the Straightedge Champion's gold.

Soon after, the No. 1 contender's mouth-off with The Miz turned physical in the main event as the chick magnet -- in this case, the third party -- involved himself in the championship match. The jealous Miz earned Morrison's attention by tossing his hat at the back of the Shaman's head. An instant later, Punk pulled out a three-count and another indelible triumph as champion.

With loathsome thoughts between Miz and Morrison escalating over the past several weeks, tonight may have been the strongest sign to date of their shared hatred. How will these two resolve their potentially irreparable differences? More importantly, how will it affect the ECW Championship picture and the reigning Straightedge Superstar?

Find out on the next edition of ECW on Sci Fi, as the enmity between The Miz and the Shaman of Sexy continues to develop in the backdrop of CM Punk's continued championship success.

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