Punk/Morrison: Rivalry timeline

Punk/Morrison: Rivalry timeline

ECW Champion CM Punk and John Morrison have a rich history in the Land of the Extreme. Beginning in late June, both Superstars have competitively sought ECW's top prize.

Follow along as WWE.com explores Punk and Morrison's journey toward the next installment in their rivalry this week on ECW on Sci Fi.

Vengeance: Night of Champions, 6/24/07: John Morrison earns a controversial victory over CM Punk to earn the vacant ECW Title


The Great American Bash, 7/22/07: ECW Champion John Morrison defeats the Straightedge Superstar


ECW on Sci Fi, 8/7/07: CM Punk pins ECW Champion John Morrison during a 15 Minutes of Fame Challenge (*non-title*) (WATCH)


SummerSlam, 8/26/07: The Tuesday Night Delight retains the ECW Title in a match against CM Punk


ECW on Sci Fi, 9/4/07: CM Punk defeats John Morrison to become the new ECW Champion (WATCH)


ECW on Sci Fi, 10/9/07: The Shaman of Sexy defeats the Straightedge Champion in a non-title match (WATCH)


Cyber Sunday, 10/28/07: CM Punk retains gold against fans' selection, The Miz (John Morrison loses Cyber Sunday vote)


ECW on Sci Fi, 10/30/07: John Morrison becomes No. 1 contender to ECW Title and later jumps CM Punk from behind (WATCH)


ECW on Sci Fi, 11/6/07: ECW Champion CM Punk faces John Morrison with the gold at stake (Preview)

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