Royal pain

Royal pain

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- After a successful ECW Championship defense against Yoshi Tatsu, Christian is still the king of Extreme. But there's one Superstar who refuses to relinquish his ECW Title aspirations and will stop at nothing to achieve total domination -- William Regal. 

ECW Champion Christian def. Yoshi Tatsu (ECW Championship Match) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Christian put his ECW Title on the line Tuesday night against one of the newest, brightest Superstars to recently join the Land of the Extreme -- Yoshi Tatsu. In the biggest match of his young career, the Japanese Superstar put up a competitive fight against Captain Charisma, who has said Tatsu is the most-deserving Superstar to fight for the Extreme gold. But Tatsu's strong, high-energy effort wasn't enough to win the ECW Championship in his first title match against his experienced mentor. After a perfectly-timed Killswitch, Christian pinned Tatsu to retain the ECW Championship.

In a sportsmanlike act, Christian kneeled to help Tatsu up from the ring after their match, but they were quickly interrupted by an attack from William Regal's associates, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson. As Tatsu rose to help Christian, The Moscow Mauler brutally kicked the Japanese Superstar out of the ring, while Jackson continued his assault. Regal then entered the ring, snatching the ECW Championship from Christian, holding it high above his head as the Peeps in the Blue Cross Arena jeered at he and his Ruthless Roundtable.

The British Brawler has sent a strong message to Christian, ECW General Manager Tiffany and the entire WWE Universe: He's determined to win the ECW Championship, and he -- and Kozlov and Jackson -- won't let anyone get in his way. Will Regal feel any repercussions for his bold actions this week? How will Tiffany react?

"The Abraham Washington Show" with Tiffany (PHOTOS | WATCH)
"The Abraham Washington Show" featured a very special guest with an important message Tuesday night. ECW General Manager Tiffany joined the critically-acclaimed talk show to reinforce to WWE Universe that the New Superstar Initiative is in full effect and ECW is -- and will continue to be -- the place the see the brightest and most exciting young Superstars in WWE. The Diva also pointed out that many of the Superstars in Sunday's WWE Bragging Rights, such as CM Punk, Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston, got their first big break in the Land of the Extreme.

But William Regal hasn't agreed with Tiffany's managerial skills lately. The British Brawler and his associates, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson, interrupted "The Abraham Washington Show" this week, which further aggravated the General Manager.

"I implore you, give me what I deserve," Regal demanded. "Please, give me an ECW Championship Match."

But Tiffany stood her ground: "Mr. Regal, you have asked me repeatedly and my answer has not changed. No! … You are not getting an ECW Championship Match tonight. Perhaps you will never get another shot at the ECW Championship!"

Sheamus def. Shelton Benjamin (PHOTOS | WATCH)
One day after making his Raw debut, Sheamus returned to the Land of the Extreme to face his ECW rival, Shelton Benjamin. These two Superstars have been fighting for weeks, with Sheamus calling Benjamin mediocre and The Gold Standard referring to The Celtic Warrior as a coward. Benjamin wanted to give Sheamus a going away "present" Tuesday night, but instead, after a brutal, intense fast-paced match, the Irish Superstar left ECW for Raw with a victory.

Paul Burchill confronts Gregory Helms (WATCH)
As Gregory Helms listened to Rosa Mendes chatter about her wonderful experiences as ECW's newest Diva, Paul and Katie Lea Burchill interrupted to confront the ECW backstage interviewer. The Ripper demanded that he meet him in the ring on the next ECW on Syfy, a challenge he accepted.

Welcome Byron Saxton
ECW on Syfy introduced Byron Saxton to the WWE Universe Tuesday night. The newest member of the Tuesday night announce team joined Josh Mathews on commentary.

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