Reaching the top

ECW World Champion Big Show and the Messianic Paul Heyman came face-to-face with reality on ECW on Sci Fi, as Rob Van Dam was successful against the dominant giant yet again, this time in a Ladder Match.

Less than two weeks before the Champion of Champions Match at Cyber Sunday, the Extreme Giant experienced defeat for the second consecutive week on ECW on Sci Fi. Though Van Dam pinned Big Show one week earlier to earn a chance at the ECW World Title, Heyman and the champion attempted to renege on their promise by throwing one last obstacle in the path of everyone's favorite Extremist, RVD. Van Dam would be granted his title opportunity whenever and wherever he wanted…but first, he'd have to scale a 16-foot tall ladder to reach the championship match contract. (WATCH)

In his career, RVD has participated in and won a number of crucial Ladder Matches, but never against anyone as monstrous as Big Show, who barely even needed the ladder to reach the contract. Hungry for the gold, Van Dam demonstrated his extreme tenacity and athleticism, and endured a punishing war with the massive Extremist. Using his Ladder Match experience to his advantage, Van Dam masterfully and creatively assaulted Big Show with the ladder itself, causing the ECW World Champion to bleed. To the disbelief of Heyman and the World's Largest Athlete himself, RVD again conquered the giant and will unquestionably receive the opportunity he has now earned two times over.

In other action, Test, the self-touted Impact Player of ECW, met the medically-cleared Hardcore Holly one-on-one. During last week's main event, Holly returned the steel chair shot Test landed weeks earlier, gaining a measure of Alabaman revenge on his nemesis. This week, these Extremists tore into each other with harsh, stiff hits and even a tumultuous suplex from the apron to the floor, leaving both men incapacitated on the outside.

After a hard-hitting and all-out rugged encounter, the most ruthless competitor in ECW used an illegal advantage to earn a key victory over Holly, then tried to maim him afterwards with multiple steel chair blasts to his weakened (and possibly reinjured) back. (WATCH)

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, the undefeated CM Punk managed to uphold his remarkable 12-week winning streak against the cunning Matt Striker. The straightedge Extremist was also able to keep his jealous rival Mike Knox at bay for yet another week. At the conclusion of Punk's match, Knox came to the ring and got in some strong blows on his foe to cause a disqualification. Despite already competing in an exhausting match, Punk retaliated and thrashed Knox, sending him to the locker room area. 

ECW's newest Diva, Rebecca, was on hand as well on Tuesday night as she spoke with ECW Original Sandman about his potential Cyber Sunday confrontation with RAW's Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. Having fought his share of Samoans in bar rooms and taverns before, the beer-fueled Sandman claimed that he would be more than happy to come head-to-head with the undefeated savage in less than two weeks at the most interactive event of the year. (WATCH)


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