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The immense monster was finally slain on ECW on Sci Fi as Rob Van Dam became the first man to pin ECW World Champion Big Show since the Extreme Giant's arrival in the realm of hardcore. Part of an ECW double-header, Van Dam picked up a gigantic win over Big Show after the attempted interference of Test was befouled by some unlikely assistance of Hardcore Holly. Triumphant in his first singles match against the ECW Champion since the South Philly Screwjob on July 4, RVD's victory launches him to the apex of ECW. And now, as promised by Paul Heyman, Van Dam will now receive an ECW World Title opportunity against the Extreme Giant. (WATCH)

Earlier in the night, ECW's newest Diva addition, Rebecca DiPietro spoke with both Van Dam and ECW World Champion Big Show. Van Dam said that his match with Big Show would be his "one and only chance for a rematch he has been waiting…and waiting…and waiting for." Supported by the hordes of ECW fans, RVD admitted that this would be the last chance to slay the dragon. The Extreme Giant himself was primarily focused on the epic Champion of Champions Match at Cyber Sunday. During his interview, Show claimed that he intended on making an example out of RVD and that "the champion of champions, the giant of giants" will officially "cut off" Van Dam and then be "movin' on."

The match itself was the classic confrontation of David facing Goliath as Van Dam used his agility, dexterity and quickness to outpace his enormous opponent. Perhaps looking past the immediate challenge in RVD ahead to Cyber Sunday, Big Show seemed very nonchalant in his approach. Still, the Extreme Giant walked over RVD -- literally -- for a large portion of the match, using his immensity to maintain the advantage. The turning point of the contest occurred as the massive Extremist attempted to avalanche Van Dam in the corner -- a move that inadvertently afflicted the referee rather than RVD.

Exhibiting the very passion that is the credo of Extreme Championship Wrestling, RVD continued to bring the fight to Big Show, reversing the champion's dreaded chokeslam into an offensive takedown that left the champion stunned. RVD then ascended the turnbuckle to seal the deal on the Extreme Giant with a Five Star Frog Splash, until Test emerged at ringside and attacked Van Dam. Test showed an aggressive ruthless streak by blasting RVD with a steel chair and perhaps would have done more damage had Hardcore Holly not made his way to the ring as well.

Just one week after being wrecked and laid out in the locker room area by Test, a hostile Holly came to ECW on Sci Fi despite being medically suspended due to lacerations he received in a grisly Extreme Rules Match with Van Dam. Seemingly on the hunt for retribution and physical confrontation, Holly got just that by dropping Test with the chair. He then smashed Big Show as well, as the Extreme Giant reached over the top rope to get his hands on Holly from inside the ring. With Big Show on his back and vulnerable, RVD took the opportunity to deliver his Frog Splash just in time for the referee to come around and count the pinfall. (WATCH)

It seems that the alliance forged between Big Show, Test and Heyman may have been unsuccessful this week on ECW on Sci Fi. The unexpected factor was clearly Holly who certainly evened up the odds in this contest. Ultimately, with or without Holly, RVD's resiliency earned him the right to battle Big Show for the ECW World Title, and when that time comes, ECW fans are guaranteed an encounter like no other.

Prior to intruding in the main event, Test addressed the ECW fans earlier in the night and made yet another enemy in the ECW locker room, Balls Mahoney. (WATCH)

Making his way to the ring with a cold steel façade, Test touted himself "the impact player of ECW" and "the most ruthless competitor ECW has ever seen." He then explained that when he attacked Hardcore Holly last week, it was because Holly put his hands on the man that hired Test, Paul Heyman. Furthermore, Test stated that when Holly makes his return to ECW, he intended on making an example out of the fierce Alabaman.

Having heard enough, Balls interrupted the icy, boastful Extremist and challenged him to a fight which Test attempted to back out of until Balls brought the action to Test with a torrent of blows. The bell sounded and the impromptu match was underway but ended quickly as an overzealous Mahoney made a crucial mistake that Test capitalized on. In the end, Balls was nearly decapitated with a big boot from Test and then dropped with Test's fireman's carry swinging neckbreaker for the pin.

Gaining a pretty substantial win over a tough, hardened ECW Original, Test is certainly not the same man who once competed in WWE; this Test looks to be more intense than ever. Will the self-proclaimed impact player's path cross with Holly's once the man whose name is Hardcore is medically cleared? Which man's intensity and mercilessness will be more dominant?

Also on Sci Fi, Sandman faced Matt Striker in the most potentially hazardous match of Striker's career thus far: a Singapore Cane-on-a-Pole Match. For the first time ever, Sandman's weapon of choice was suspended above the ring for either man to retrieve; whoever reached the cane first got to use it on his opponent. (WATCH)

The issue between these competitors has only grown as of late since its initial stages months back. Just weeks ago, Striker cost Sandman his championship match with ECW World Champion Big Show and then last week, Sandman got some minor retribution on his didactic rival by pinning Striker in a huge Six-Man Tag Match. Given his history with Striker, the ECW Original was practically salivating for the opportunity to crack his cane over the more tender portions of Striker's body.

Clearly out of his element, Striker did not seem to want to exchange blows with Sandman and as the bell rang for this contest, the crafty Striker immediately ran for the weapon. The ECW Original instantly curtailed Striker's attempt to obtain the cane, pulling him off the turnbuckle and down to the mat for a brawl. Moments later, Striker managed to gain the advantage by focusing a methodical attack on the leg of his opponent. With Sandman grounded, Striker was able to reach the Singapore cane and prepare to assault his foe with his own weapon.

Striker swung with all of his force, but Sandman avoided the unforgiving bamboo and stripped Striker of it. The alcohol fueled Extremist then dropped the teacher with multiple ghastly blows to his body and skull, drawing blood from Striker's pompous brow and sending him packing to the outside. Seeing his own blood, a horrified Striker instantly distanced himself from the ring and fled to the locker room area, giving Sandman the victory by count-out. Though his nemesis retreated and he could not get all he wanted of Striker, Sandman did get a good piece of the action he craved, not to mention a taste of the educator's blood.

Debunking Rene Dupree's claim that CM Punk's victory was a fluke the week before, the straightedge Extremist met Dupree in an rematch this week. Outlasting Dupree's show of strength, Punk used his quickness, multi-strike combos and his submission hold, the Anaconda Vice, to force Dupree to tap out for the second week in a row. Before Punk could celebrate, Kelly Kelly's overprotective boyfriend Mike Knox charged towards the ring to relieve some of his brooding jealousy. Punk saw Knox coming, however, and was ready for a fight. Punk blasted Knox on his way into the ring and though Punk shouted at him and called him out, Knox backed away from a face-to-face encounter. (WATCH)

Finally, in a confrontation between two high flying Extremists, "The Reject" Shannon Moore met Sabu one-on-one on ECW on Sci Fi. It would again prove to be an unlucky day for Moore as the Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal Death-defying Maniac made short work of "The Reject" and picked up yet another check mark in the win column against a member of the new ECW breed.


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