Extreme luck

Extreme luck

LAS VEGAS -- Lady luck was on the side of several Extreme challengers on Tuesday night. With Cyber Sunday less than two weeks away, the ECW Superstars who have the possibility of facing Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship have been named, and now it's up to the WWE Universe to choose who truly is the lucky one. (Read more on this story.)

Cyber Sunday announcement (PHOTOS)
After WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas proclaimed to the WWE Universe in Las Vegas that Mark Henry is deserving of the ECW Championship, ECW General Manager Theodore Long entered the Thomas & Mack Center to make an announcement about Cyber Sunday. Long stated that the World's Strongest Man is one of three candidates who has the opportunity to face Hardy for the ECW Championship at Cyber Sunday. The other two Superstars on the ballot would have to fight their way in on ECW on Sci Fi. (Read more on this story.)

Evan Bourne def. Chavo Guerrero (WATCH) (PHOTOS)
In the night's first Cyber Sunday qualifying match, Evan "Air" Bourne picked up the win over former ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero. The young, high-flyer, who is part of Long's New Superstar Initiative on ECW, earned the second spot on the Cyber Sunday ballot. But after his match, Bourne was attacked by an angry Henry, who flattened him with a World's Strongest Slam. Now it's up to the WWE Universe to determine who will face Hardy for the ECW Title on Oct. 26. (Read more on this story.)

Sci Fi's 31 Days of Halloween
To celebrate Sci Fi's 31 Days of Halloween, Tiffany showed off her latest and greatest costume as a Las Vegas showgirl. While GM Long was assuring the Diva she's a shoo-in to the Divas Costume Contest at Cyber Sunday, they were interrupted by "The All-American American" Jack Swagger and ECW Original Tommy Dreamer, who were arguing about who should have the chance to earn an opportunity to face Hardy at Cyber Sunday.

Finlay def. John Morrison (WATCH) (PHOTOS)
In the final Cyber Sunday qualifying match on ECW, Finlay defeated John Morrison, but not before an interruption by Mike Knox and some help by Cryme Tyme. After Finlay's win, he clobbered both Shad & JTG with his shillelagh, but then Henry ambushed the man who loves to fight with a World's Strongest Slam on the ramp, clearly offering a harsh message. Finlay may now have the chance to face Hardy for the ECW Title at Cyber Sunday on Oct. 26, but it's up to the WWE Universe to pick Hardy's opponent. (Read more on this story.)

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