Extreme supremacy

Standing tall at the very beginning and extreme end of this week's ECW on Sci Fi, both Test and the dominant ECW World Champion Big Show had a huge night at the expense of several ECW Originals. Following a successful ECW World Title defense last week against Sandman, the monstrous champion Big Show continued to demonstrate his supremacy this week by not only gaining a tag team victory over two ECW Originals but also shifting the outcome of the grueling main event match between Rob Van Dam and Test.

Despite Van Dam sustaining one of the most arduous encounters of his career -- fending off not just his opponent, but also Paul Heyman and the Private Security Force -- RVD's near victory was squashed by the Extreme Giant who cost RVD the contest. This night marked the mauling of the very roots of the extreme, culminating with Paul Heyman raising the hands of the new blood Extremists. (WATCH)

In a match that revisited the damage and wreckage of the week before, Test battled RVD in an exhausting, fierce Extreme Rules Match on Tuesday night. A hardcore veteran, RVD used his agility and high risk arsenal in an attempt to nullify Test's size and strength advantage. Test countered a lot of RVD's assault, even moving out of the way of RVD's corkscrew legdrop from the ring apron.

Moments into the match, RVD took the extreme game to Test by hitting an unbelievable Rolling Thunder onto his opponent as his body lay atop the steps. The new blood Extremist fought back and prepared to suplex RVD into a table on the outside -- the same fate that befell Hardcore Holly one week before. Van Dam blocked the suplex and sunset flipped over Test, sending both men tumbling through the table to the outside.

To add to the chaos, the tide truly turned for RVD as Paul Heyman made his way to the ring with his Private Security Force to further interfere in Van Dam's matters. It took only a few moments for the black-clad security force to physically pick RVD apart with their nightsticks -- all perfectly legal under Extreme Rules. Nonetheless, Van Dam still continued to fight back after this attack and even endured flying elbow drop with a chair from Test.

Van Dam somehow regained the advantage on Test then eliminated the security force with a flying dropkick to the pair on the outside. In control, RVD prepared to deliver his Five-Star Frog Splash to Test's exhausted body as his body lay strewn across a table inside the ring.

Suddenly, the Extreme Giant appeared to curb RVD's momentum, launching him off the top rope and through the table. Test capitalized by hitting his signature fireman's carry into a swinging neckbreaker for the pinfall and as Test stood triumphant over his opponent's fallen body alongside the ECW World Champion, it was clear that Heyman's quest to ruin Van Dam's life took a giant step forward. What is the relationship between Test and Big Show? How are both men and Paul Heyman aligned? What could this collusion mean for the ECW roster?

Earlier in the evening, the messianic Heyman stood backstage with a wounded and stitched Hardcore Holly. Following an inhumanly brutal Extreme Rules Match with RVD last week, Holly received 24 stitches and was ordered out of action for 10 days by doctors. This week, the resilient Holly was rabid for competition despite his injury, but Heyman refused to allow him to compete against RVD. As a result, Holly got physical with the man who brought him to ECW and shoved Heyman into the wall. Suddenly, Holly was thwarted by a steel chair blast to the back from Test who stepped in to protect Heyman. This shot from Test not only rocked Holly but also opened up his wound, causing it to bleed and Hardcore to writhe in pain. Will Holly return the favor to Test and Heyman? Will this prolong Holly's recovery time? (WATCH)

Like Test, Big Show also saw his share of action before the main event in an Extremist tag team encounter. Just one week after Matt Striker stole Sandman's equalizer -- the Singapore cane -- to cost the ECW Original his match with Big Show, the insufferable teacher teamed with the Extreme Giant to battle Sandman and Sabu.

The brash, cocky Striker came to the ring confident as he stood flanked by the massive ECW World Champion and from the start of the match, the unlikely tandem mounted a strong offense on Sabu within the ring, keeping Sandman uninvolved. The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac would drop his argyle-fashioned opponent and make the tag to Sandman who finally got some retribution on Striker with a torrent of haymakers and a Heineken-rana from the top rope.

Ultimately, the dominating ECW World Champion joined the action and used his uncanny girth and might to overpower the ECW Original pair. Utilizing their advantage, Striker and Show double-teamed Sandman and the former school teacher was able to pin the Singapore cane swinger. Thus, with the support of the Extreme Giant on ECW on Sci Fi, Striker succeeded in trumping Sandman for the second week in a row.

In other action, the peculiar Kevin Thorn faced Tommy Dreamer in a highly physical blow-for-blow contest. Overcoming a ghastly gutbuster, Dreamer was able to synch Thorn and deliver a DDT. Ariel again interfered and slipped Thorn's foot on the rope to break Dreamer's pinfall attempt. An instance later, with the referee distracted, Thorn used his walking stick to bash Dreamer's skull and earn another substantial victory.

Another new blood Extremist who gained another victory on ECW on Sci Fi was CM Punk who maintained his extreme undefeated streak with a win over Danny Doring. Punk upheld his streak and afterwards, was called to from the stage by the stunning Kelly Kelly who applauded Punk on his victory. As the CM Punk fan prepared for a very special exposé, Kelly's boyfriend Mike Knox rushed to the stage and quickly curtailed the corporeal exhibition. (WATCH)

Still in the ring, the straightedge Extremist addressed Knox, saying that the problem isn't Punk staying away from Knox's girlfriend, but the problem is Knox's girl staying away from Punk. Instantly, Knox headed to the ring to confront Punk, but just as he made his way up the steps, Knox had a change of heart and backed away. Will this issue ever explode between these competitors? Where will Kelly Kelly stand if it comes to blows between these men?

Knox may have been able to cover up his girlfriend on ECW on Sci Fi this week, but he may not be able to step in on Oct. 10 when Kelly competes in the first-ever Extreme Strip Poker on Sci Fi. In preparation for the sexiest card game ever, Divas Kelly and Trinity talked about their upcoming competition. Adorned only in two Ace cards, the revealing Kelly stood by as Trinity pumped and perked two of her most extreme assets. (WATCH

Several SmackDown and RAW Divas were also in attendance on ECW on Sci Fi, possibly scouting the terrain for the ultimate game of chance on Oct. 10. (WATCH: Maria l Kristal & Ashley)


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