The Chase is over

The Chase is over

DAYTON, Ohio — Just when it seemed like the Elimination Chase was over and Tommy Dreamer had earned his ticket to No Mercy, final surprise championship chaser Big Daddy V barged his way into the competition, seizing an ECW Championship Match against CM Punk this Sunday.

After three weeks of high-stakes contention and outlasting Kevin Thorn and Stevie Richards, Dreamer made it to what everyone believed was the last phase of the Elimination Chase. With his bandana tightly wrapped atop his head, the ECW Original came to ECW on Sci Fi on a mission -- a mission that was essentially accomplished when he defeated Elijah Burke in the middle of the ring.

To the shock of Dreamer, CM Punk and the world, General Manager Armando Estrada interrupted the Original's celebration with a huge surprise (literally).

"The Elimination Chase is not yet over," Estrada said, after half-heartedly congratulating Dreamer. "There is one man left to enter...Big Daddy V!"

With that, the ground of the Nutter Center shook as Big Daddy V stomped his quarter-ton frame to the ring to face the battle-worn, fatigued Dreamer. Still strong in spirit, the ECW Original gave every last ounce of fight left in him as he attempted to bring down Big Daddy V. Nonetheless, just one week after decimating the Straightedge Superstar live on ECW on Sci Fi, the gargantuan Superstar proved to be too much for Dreamer, flattening him and securing the arguably tainted victory.

Ironically, following the events of the previous week, CM Punk kicked off the night by calling out Big Daddy V. In fact, the Straightedge Superstar was prepared to deal with his very big problem, until Big Daddy V and his conniving cohort Matt Striker informed CM Punk that the giant's only interest is the ECW Title.

Less than one hour later, the ECW Champion's focus was once again on Big Daddy V, but in a much different capacity. No doubt watching from the locker room area with an intense gaze, Punk was suddenly staring at the individual that many consider the most dominant force in ECW history, but also the new No. 1 contender to the gold.

As he explained on ECW on Sci Fi, the Straightedge Superstar certainly respects the size and strength of the 500-pounder, but can he overcome this destructive force at No Mercy? Find out this Sunday as No Mercy comes to pay-per-view, live at 8/7 CT.

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