Chick magnet negatively charged?

Chick magnet negatively charged?

The self-proclaimed chick magnet may be smooth with the members of the opposite sex, but The Miz definitely lost his cool with Balls Mahoney this past week on ECW on Sci Fi.

After he callously blasted Balls in the mouth with a microphone, the world is left wondering if we have seen a more hostile side of The Miz, and if the root of that hostility just might be jealousy.

So, is it true? Is The Miz jealous of an individual he has branded a "chick repellent"? Is he threatened by the fact that Mahoney might have snagged the affection of Kelly Kelly -- one of The Miz's own Extreme Exposé entourage?

"Threatened? Absolutely not," Miz argued. "I'm not a jealous person, plus there's nothing to be jealous about. It's not like I'm envious of Balls' oral hygiene or something. Have you seen that smile?"

Continuing to mock Mahoney just as he had weeks ago on (check it out now), The Miz grew much more serious as he denied his supposed envy of the ECW Original. According to the chick magnet, his sudden viciousness during Balls' courtship of Kelly Kelly was merely retaliation for Mahoney's "blatant disrespect."

"Balls has these feelings for one of my girls," said the outspoken ECW Superstar. "I see him disrespecting me by trying to pick up Kelly. Disrespect me, you get you're a** handed to you."

For the second week in a row, The Miz successfully kept Kelly from telling Balls whether or not she would go on a date with him. The world and, more importantly, Mahoney himself still doesn't know the answer from the sexy blonde.

"Do you really believe someone like Kelly Kelly -- a bombshell -- is going to date someone with one tooth who smells like garbage?" he added. "What would they possibly talk about? It's hysterical."

A wily, rugged ECW Original, Balls most likely didn't find anything funny about The Miz's cheap shot. As love-stricken as he may be, Mahoney is known for being a brawler before anything else. Will he be seeking some serious revenge this week on ECW on Sci Fi? Might The Miz soon regret his treatment of Balls Mahoney? An even better question: Will Kelly Kelly ever speak out and give Balls the answer he has most certainly earned?

Tune in live to the next ECW on Sci Fi as the Land of the Extreme's (painful) love triangle continues to heat up.

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