Championship chasers

Championship chasers

INDIANAPOLIS — ECW Champion CM Punk was certainly watching early on ECW on Sci Fi as Kevin Thorn became the next expelled from the Elimination Chase to No Mercy. But before Punk could narrow his focus to one of two potential No. 1 contenders in Tommy Dreamer and Elijah Burke, the champion was obliterated by an even larger threat: Big Daddy V.

Suddenly, it became largely apparent that General Manager Armando Estrada's method to determine Punk's next challenger might have excluded one very big chaser for the gold.

Early in the night, the Straightedge Superstar was fixed to the television monitors in the locker room area as ECW Original Dreamer battled a pair of merciless competitors -- Thorn and Burke -- in a Triple Threat Match. As the two former New Breed affiliates resolved their unsettled hostilities (cited by Thorn last week), Dreamer gained the foothold he needed against such stacked odds. The self-proclaimed Guiding Light ultimately capitalized on Dreamer's DDT to Thorn and prevailed in the three-man melee. Burke stole Dreamer's thunder and pinned the bloodlusting Thorn, but also enabled the ECW Original to keep alive his dream of once again holding the ECW Title.

Just moments after witnessing the outcome of the latest Elimination Chase battle, the ECW Champion was confronted by the gargantuan Big Daddy V and Matt Striker. Puffing out his chest with his massive cohort beside him, the Extreme Educator tried to intimidate the ECW Champion prior to their ECW on Sci Fi encounter. The subsequent staredown between a snarling Big Daddy V and CM Punk would later turn much more physical.

Following the impromptu (and unsolicited) diatribe from Striker, the Straightedge Superstar let his fists and roundhouse kicks do the talking for him in the ring. Punk pounded away at the Extreme Educator and secured a decisive victory, while the voluminous threat of Big Daddy V watched from ringside. Before the ECW Champion could even raise his title in celebration, the dominant monster made his way into the ring and flattened Punk with a 500-pound Samoan Drop.

As the Land of the Extreme is spilling at the brim with chasers for the ECW Championship, both Burke and Dreamer prepare to seal the deal on their title opportunity next week on ECW on Sci Fi. But as they embrace the final step in the Elimination Chase to No Mercy, has Big Daddy V made the initial power moves to securing a future match of his own with CM Punk? Find out as these developments continue to unfold on the next ECW on Sci Fi.

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