Still chasing the Dream?

Still chasing the Dream?

Over the weekend, more than 100,000 fans who visited cast their vote for which ECW Superstar they believed would most likely be the next eliminated in the Elimination Chase to No Mercy. At roughly 54 percent, Tommy Dreamer received the majority of all votes, while Kevin Thorn obtained the second highest amount (43 percent), and Elijah Burke received the least amount at a mere three percent.

With more than half of the votes, the ECW Original expressed his surprise to, but assured ECW Die Hards that he still intends on bringing the fight to Thorn and Burke tonight in the Triple Threat Match on ECW on Sci Fi.

"It's just one poll," explained an unaffected Dreamer. "It doesn't mean that fans have turned their backs on me or that they don't believe in me. Facing two guys like Burke and Thorn in a Triple Threat Match, things aren't looking good for me. But that never stopped me before and it's not going to stop me tonight."

Last week on ECW on Sci Fi, the fighting ECW Original survived elimination, but both Burke (who won the match) and Thorn were fairly dominant in the Fatal Four Way contest. Despite his survival, Dreamer couldn't manage to help good friend Stevie Richards, as Richards became the first man eliminated from this unprecedented competition.

Now left to face two of ECW's fiercest and most ruthless rogues, Dreamer has the odds against him tonight in the next phase of the Elimination Chase to No Mercy. It could be that voters believe those odds might be a little too highly stacked, even for a dogged warrior like Dreamer.

"I have my eyes on CM Punk's ECW Championship; I knew it wasn't going to be easy," Dreamer said. "I've been through just about every type of hell you can imagine in the ring. It's going to take all they've got to bring down this ECW Original. [Thorn and Burke] better just bring everything they've got."

Motivated by the challenge ahead and the dream of once again holding the ECW Championship, Dreamer claimed he has just begun his fight. Though tonight he steps in the ring with a pair of conniving, cold-blooded enemies, the Original will bring his signature arsenal: Gumption, heart and the spirit of ECW. And, if there's one indelible lesson history has taught our fans, it's that anything can happen in sports-entertainment.

Will Tommy Dreamer's revitalized quest to be ECW Champion be snuffed out tonight against Elijah Burke and Kevin Thorn? Or might Thorn's documented animosity for Burke present just the foothold that Dreamer needs to capitalize? Will he defy the odds and fight his way past the second week of the Elimination Chase? Tune to ECW on Sci Fi live tonight at 10/9 CT to watch this unbelievable clash for the ultimate opportunity.

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