Luck runs out

Luck runs out

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Both ECW Champion Matt Hardy and Mark Henry were victorious on ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday night, as the rivals are just weeks away from their ECW Title match at No Mercy. More on this story… (WATCH ECW's QUICK CUT)

Henry sought retribution after last week's ECW when Hornswoggle caused a distraction, leading Finlay to hit Henry with a shillelagh. With WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas in his corner, Henry got his revenge, causing Finlay's luck to run out. Henry manhandled the Belfast Brawler throughout the match, but once The World Strongest Man cornered Hornswoggle, Finlay attacked Henry with the shillelagh for the second week in a row, an act unseen by the referee. While suffering through the pain inflicted on his arm by the shillelagh, Henry still dominated, pinning Finlay after a World's Strongest Slam. Despite the win on ECW, The World's Strongest Man has one thing on his mind -- winning back the ECW Title he lost, without being pinned, during the ECW Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven just nine days ago. (PHOTOS | WATCH))

Also on ECW, Matt Hardy proved once again why he's the ECW Champion when he pinned Mike Knox for the second week in a row. Hardy delivered another Twist of Fate to the devious Knox, who wore the battle wounds on his face from last week's tag team defeat by the ECW Champ. Hardy, who has proclaimed he wants to be the greatest ECW Champion of all time, is looking stronger than ever with another victory under his ECW Title. (PHOTOS)

The rivalry between Evan "Air" Bourne and John Morrison & The Miz escalated to a new level this week when Bourne was accompanied to the ring by a fellow member of ECW General Manager Theodore Long's New Superstar Initiative, Ricky Ortiz. Unlike last week, when The Miz distracted Bourne allowing Morrison to get the win, Bourne was victorious over The Miz this week in singles action. Morrison interfered by grabbing Bourne, prompting Ortiz to attack the Shaman of Sexy, distracting The Miz long enough for Bourne to roll up the self-proclaimed "Chick Magnet" for the victory. (PHOTOS)

Finally, "The All-American American" Jack Swagger was successful once again, this time defeating Chase Stevens. After winning his second match on ECW with a Red, White and Blue Thunder Bomb, smiling Swagger is looking like another fine Extreme competitor to come out of the ECW New Superstar Initiative. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

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