Who's the future?

Who's the future?

MINNEAPOLIS — Newly crowned ECW Champion CM Punk proudly entered the Target Center on ECW on Sci Fi and was introduced to the very first challenger to his title: Elijah Burke. The introductions continued as the Straightedge Superstar reintroduced his longtime rival to his kick pads and taped fists, providing Punk's Unforgiven opponent with a lasting "Experience" heading into Sunday night.

The Land of the Extreme's new champion commenced this week's edition of ECW on Sci Fi beside General Manager Armando Estrada in the middle of the ring. Claiming to be "so proud of the new ECW Champion," a disingenuous Estrada soon disclosed the true nature of his public address and revealed the No. 1 contender to the ECW Title: The "Guiding Light" Elijah Burke.

While Punk's win last week placed him at the pinnacle of the Land of the Extreme, Sunday night on pay-per-view, Burke will be looking to fulfill a future that he, himself prophesied.

"I see myself defeating you," Burke told CM Punk as the two shared a cold stare in the center of the ring. "Look into the future. Unforgiven…Elijah Burke…ECW Champion. That's your future."

Punk's Sunday night challenger further antagonized his future opponent by repeatedly shoving the cool ECW Champion who was "invading [Elijah's] personal space." Unaffected by Burke's attempted psyche-out, Punk let his actions speak for him and leveled the Experience with an Enzuiguri.

Later, the two competitors had another opportunity to exchange blows before their title match as CM Punk teamed with Stevie Richards to face Burke and Kevin Thorn. As the Richards and Thorn war continued, the two Unforgiven opponents warmed up for the golden encounter later this week. At the conclusion of this critical tag match, the champion proved why he rests atop the extreme brand by slaying Thorn with Punk's signature G.T.S. for the pin.

With yet another big victory on ECW on Sci Fi, CM Punk gained momentum heading into his first title defense live on pay-per-view this Sunday. Knowing Burke, however, the aggressive Superstar will not take this tag team defeat well and the glances exchanged on Tuesday night will ignite a physical war at Unforgiven.

Will Burke curtail the dream that CM Punk is living as ECW Champion? Is he the soothsayer he claims to be? Or will Punk prove that Burke's magic eight ball is broken? Does the Straightedge Superstar's destiny extend beyond Unforgiven? Find out this Sunday at 8/7 CT only on pay-per-view.

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