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Even with Paul Heyman's best attempts to protect his ECW World Champion Big Show, D-Generation X stood tall as the victors in their first appearance in an ECW ring.

Moments before Triple H and Shawn Michaels came to the ring, Heyman announced that the match would no longer be under Extreme Rules despite what DX and ECW fans had been led to believe.

"I, Paul Heyman, have had an attack of conscience," declared ECW's self-proclaimed Messiah. "A Handicap Match contested under Extreme Rules? Where everything is legal?… How can I encourage Big Show to decimate DX with a weapon? I was wrong and for that, I apologize. Therefore, in the interest of fairness, this Handicap Match will not be contested under Extreme Rules."

Big Show took the advantage early in the match against DX. At one point, both Michaels and Triple H found themselves outside the ring getting pummeled by Heyman's Private Security Force. The Cerebral Assassin suffered a double headbutt from the helmeted duo and HBK was pulled into the ring for more punishment.

But Triple H was able to pull himself together and turn the tide when he hit the champ with a series of big punches, a knee and a spinebuster. Just as The Game was setting up for his signature Pedigree, Heyman's newest disciple, Hardcore Holly, stormed the ring and attacked Triple H, knocking him out of the ring and giving DX the win by disqualification.

HBK went after Holly with a flying elbow, but he was quickly knocked to the ground by Big Show. The Private Security Force proceeded to choke Michaels with their batons while Holly and the champ attacked him, but Triple H came back with his Equalizer -- the sledgehammer and quickly cleared the ring after cracking the Private Security Force goons in the head. Not only did DX win the match, but they beat Big Show and Heyman's goons. The McMahons and Big Show better hope Michaels and The Game can't get their hands on the Equalizer when they face in a Hell in a Cell Match at Unforgiven in less than two weeks. watch

That Extreme Rules Match may have been botched, but the evening began with an awesome match that fired up even the most old school ECW fan. ECW originals Rob Van Dam and Sabu teamed up against Test and Mike Knox in an Extreme Tag Match. After tagging in RVD, Sabu set up a table outside the ring and grabbed his favorite extreme object: the steel folding chair. While RVD, Test and Knox fought on the apron, Sabu did a flying leap off a chair onto them and all four men went crashing through the table outside the ring.

Sabu and RVD used to train together and it showed. The cohesive pair worked together to get the win through some well executed teamwork. Earlier in the match, they gave double leg lariats to Knox. Then while giving Knox the camel clutch, Sabu held a chair in front of his opponent's face for RVD to kick. Finally, the ECW originals performed the unthinkable when they leapt from opposite corners to hit Knox with two legdrops through a table in the middle of the ring. A devastated Sabu rolled over and pinned Knox for the 1-2-3 and the win. All four Extremists were left motionless after the exhausting match, and the fans showed their appreciation for the hard fought match. watch

Fellow ECW Originals Balls Mahoney and Stevie Richards had a match Tuesday as well, but before they could even take to the ring, Ariel, accompanied by boyfriend Kevin Thorn, came out and jumped on ECW announcer Joey Styles' lap. Styles called for help from fellow announcer Tazz, but got none. Earlier in the night, Ariel was reading her Tarot cards to Thorn. Apparently, the cards held something very sexual for the night.

Eventually, Ariel and Thorn retreated to their ringside seats to watch the match. Balls and Richards exchanged many blows and holds, and the rabid crowd rallied behind Mahoney, who went into a series of punches on Richards while the ECW fans shouted "Balls." As he was winding up for the very last punch, Thorn jumped up on the apron and looked like he was going to jump in on the action. Balls went over and hit him with the last punch, but Ariel distracted the referee allowing her boyfriend to hit Balls in the head with his cane, knocking him out. Richards covered Balls for the pin and the win and Mahoney was left motionless, face down in the mat.

One more ECW Original made an impact Tuesday night as Sandman ran off your teacher, Matt Striker, who was in the middle of teaching the ECW fans another lesson. Striker told the Columbus, Ga., fans that as the home to the Little League World Champions, they were part of the problem.

"Little dumb jocks will ultimately grow up to be big dumb jocks," warned Striker. "Your obsession with sports and games and taking things to the extreme is causing divots in the cultural landscape."

Striker proceeded to put down Sandman and bragged about his superior intellect until Sandman came out swinging with his Singapore cane. Striker ran out of the ring and Sandman wrote "SUX" under Striker's name on his chalkboard before knocking over his desk.

"You see, a big dumb jock taking things to the extreme," called out Striker from the entrance to the arena. "You, Sandman, just proved my point. Thank you very much." watch

From jocks to punks, ECW fans caught another glimpse of "The Reject" Shannon Moore Tuesday who had another installment in his series of messages: "I'm the Prince of Punk and I'm bringing sexy back."

Upon hearing this, CM Punk approached "The Reject," checked out his makeup, Mohawk and duds before telling him he was a poser and nailing him with a loud smack across the face. Punk smirked at the stunned Moore before walking away. watch

With the all the rivalries heating up on ECW, it might be too much for one show to handle. Will Big Show and Heyman's goons make a surprise visit to DX this Monday on RAW or will the extreme giant wait until they meet at Unforgiven in Hell in a Cell?

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