Commencing a new era of Punk

Commencing a new era of Punk

CINCINNATI -- After three title opportunities on pay-per-view and a slew of other contests against ECW Champion John Morrison, persistence paid off in a big way for CM Punk this week on ECW on Sci Fi. In his last chance at the title, the straightedge No. 1 contender stunned the self-proclaimed Shaman of Sexy to capture his first taste of championship gold. (WATCH)

"This was a grand slam, not a home run," new ECW Champion CM Punk told "This is an accomplishment — certainly the greatest I've ever had in my career.

"This title is vindication," he added, just moments after his victory. "All those times coming up short, that's what got me here. That's what got me to train harder and kick out when I needed to. That's what makes me a champion."

As if months of unfulfilled championship dreams against Morrison weren't enough to put Punk at a psychological disadvantage, the odds were stacked even higher against the challenger by ECW General Manager Armando Estrada. Just moments before the title match, Estrada wished Punk luck and informed the Straightedge Superstar that it would be his final opportunity.

Intent on reaching the pinnacle of the Land of the Extreme, CM Punk assured Estrada that "luck is for losers" and the challenger headed toward a do or die situation in Cincinnati. By the end of a fast-paced match between two of ECW's finest, the Straightedge Superstar capitalized on an errant move by Morrison and landed his signature blow for the fateful three-count.

With the endless crowd in the U.S. Bank Arena applauding the tenacious, aggressive new champion, CM Punk (almost in disbelief) dropped to his knees in the ring and absorbed the definitive moment of his young career. Soon after, he joined the Punk enthusiasts at ringside, embracing the support of the die hard ECW fans. Watch exclusive footage of CM Punk's celebration

In what was an undeniably momentous milestone in ECW's history, the Straightedge Superstar whose only addiction is competition may have earned a new golden obsession on ECW on Sci Fi: the ECW Championship. But, always the competitor, CM Punk realizes that this is just the first step in a series of challenges that lie ahead. Recognizing that ECW is full of zealous Superstars anxious for their moment in the spotlight, the new champion is more excited than worried about the impending competition.

"It looks like I've got to set some new goals," he said. "Believe me, I welcome any challenge."

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