Beauty & the Balls

Beauty & the Balls

Have you ever noticed that when Kelly Kelly makes an entrance, your eyes focus on the blond bombshell and stay there? No matter how hard you try, you can't look away. But behind that beauty and that ear-to-ear smile is complexity. One of the greatest conflicts in the Land of the Extreme is the apparent battle between Kelly's heart and her mind, her entourage or an ECW Original. The question remains: Which will guide her?

When The Miz was drafted to ECW, it didn't take him long to gain a few arm ornaments in Extreme Exposé. Kelly, Layla and Brooke have brought him nothing but good luck as he boasts an undefeated record in solo matches since his debut. Along the way, however, Kelly has drifted, showing concern for The Miz's greatest rival, Balls Mahoney.

What once began with Kelly's eyes locking with Mahoney's during his contests has progressed to the Diva rushing to the ECW Original's side when he suffers losses. Still, she is perpetually torn from Mahoney. Her host and fellow Exposé members -- rather effortlessly -- sway her to return to the locker room with them.

This could be a simple case of a woman choosing her friends over a love interest, but this situation seems to exceed that. The Miz has made it impossible for Kelly's loyalty to him and her feelings for Balls to coexist. And when forced to choose sides, Kelly listens to her brain.

Aside from friendship and devotion, a prevalent factor could be popularity. Similar to fitting in with the right crowd in middle school, Kelly's niche has been as a member of ECW's hottest faction. Falling for a guy tagged the Chair-Swinging Freak doesn't exactly help that reputation. What can he offer her? What could she gain from him?

As the pages turn in Kelly's Romeo & Juliet saga, we will see what she values most between passion and loyalty, and we will see if those stolen moments make up the beginning of true love or are the pieces of a catastrophe.

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