Dr. Frankenstein prevails

Paul Heyman's downward spiral into his own myth reached a new low this week when he enlisted the help of numerous disciples and made good on his promise that he would defeat Sabu in an Extreme Rules Match.

"I am the father of Extreme Championship Wrestling," Heyman said earlier in the night. "Tonight I have been left with no other option but to fight on worldwide live television in an Extreme Rules Match. Dr. Frankenstein must destroy his own monster... Tonight on ECW, I will pin Sabu, 1-2-3."

It seemed like an impossible claim that Heyman, who has never wrestled in ECW, could beat the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac, especially since it was Extreme Rules. But Heyman had a plan and a lot of muscle. Since he could not be disqualified for interference in the Extreme Rules Match, Heyman came to the ring with his Private Security Force, who proceeded to beat Sabu with their batons. Then ECW World Champion Big Show came out and busted Sabu's head open with a chair. Big show even held him so Heyman could get in a few hits.

"I made you!" Heyman screamed in Sabu's face. After punching Sabu in his already bloodied head, Heyman gleefully danced around the ring, excited to have the blood of Sabu on his hands.

"I am your messiah," Heyman cried out in a martyr-like pose as Big Show continued to beat on Sabu.

But Sabu was not without back up. RVD came running to the ring and beat his way through the Private Security Force into the ring to hit Big Show with a Van Daminator. Heyman tried to revive Big Show, but Sabu grabbed him from behind and gave him an Arabian Facebuster.

RVD grabbed Heyman and held him on a table outside the ring. Sabu did a running leap off a chair in the ring to hit Heyman, but Big Show caught him in mid-air with cat-like reflexes and slammed him on the mat.

Hardcore Holly appeared out of nowhere and gave RVD an Alabama Slam through the table as all hell broke loose. Big Show gave Sabu a devastating Showstopper Legdrop, then dragged a lifeless Heyman on top of Sabu. With both men incapacitated, the referee counted 1-2-3 and Heyman was declared the winner.

But that was not enough carnage for Heyman's disciples. Holly brought a table in the ring and Big Show chokeslammed Sabu through it. Big Show did a mock DX crotch chop while ECW's messiah crawled over and pressed his forehead against the bloodied Sabu's before making the sign of the cross over him.

But that wasn't the only thing on Big Show's plate Tuesday night. In addition to helping Heyman vanquish Sabu, Big Show issued a challenge earlier in the night to D-Generation X. Big Show said that he was the most dominant champion in WWE history and that he had taken out DX at SummerSlam and Monday on RAW. Big Show claimed the duo's fate would be sealed at Unforgiven, and challenged them to a Handicap Match next week on ECW on Sci Fi.

"Somebody's heart is going to get broken, and the King of Kings will kiss my feet," promised the ECW World Champion.

RVD and Holly were pulling double duty as well. Not only did they get involved with Sabu and Heyman's match, but they opened the show in singles competition against each other.

RVD has been trying to work his way back up the ECW ladder since returning from his suspension. Heyman claimed he had suspended him for his own good, but it seems like Heyman has done nothing but put roadblock after roadblock in the way of the former ECW Champion since then.

Last week Heyman got into the head of Holly, telling him that there were many who did not want him in ECW. Heyman even whispered the name of one particularly anti-Holly Extremist in his ear. Since that time, Holly has been fixated on destroying Rob Van Dam.

The two men fought with everything they had in the intense match. Holly almost got the three count on his opponent several times, but then RVD unloaded his arsenal; hitting Holly with a Windmill kick and Rolling Thunder, before attempting his signature Five-Star Frog Splash.

After RVD took to the air, Holly pulled together enough energy to roll out of the way and grab a chair. Holly swung at RVD, but missed. RVD kicked the chair out of Holly's hands, picked it up and struck him with a vicious shot to the back. The referee called for the disqualification as it was not an Extreme Rules Match, but RVD did not seem to mind, as he went after Holly with the chair again as payback for blindsiding him with a chair last week.

Now pay attention, because Tuesday night, your teacher, Matt Striker, made an appearance to educate the ECW audience.

"Why don't you realize that I am here in ECW to help you?" pleaded Striker with the crowd who was less than excited to see him. "I am a bonafide school teacher… You should be looking up to someone such as myself, but you don't cheer for me do you? You ignorantly cheer for reprobates and pariahs."

Striker chided the audience for cheering for Sandman who he claimed was "ossified from drinking his giggle water." But then Sandman came out to the ring, much to the excitement of the crowd, and the usually confident Striker looked scared. Before Sandman could strike first with his signature Singapore cane, Striker attacked him, eventually targeting his forehead with his stapler before retreating from the ring. A bloody, angry Sandman got up and snarled at the arrogant teacher. Will Sandman teach Striker a lesson in getting even?

From one fan favorite to another, CM Punk is building quite a following since debuting on ECW. This week he faced off with ECW original Stevie Richards. Punk, who is known for his mixed martial arts style, showed off some new moves this week as dove head-first out of the ring at his opponent and did a mid-air reversal to hit Richards with a drop kick. Richards put up a good fight, but in the end, Punk's Anaconda Vice submission hold was too much for him. Richards tapped out, continuing Punk's undefeated streak.

Speaking of streaks, The Reject Shannon Moore appeared again to deliver a message: fight the power. Rene Dupree also appeared on ECW, but had a slightly longer message.

"I think it's safe to say I'm in the peak of physical condition, and it's time to make my mark as the most extreme athlete to ever step foot in the ring," boasted Dupree.

Balls Mahoney tried to deliver a message, but was interrupted by ECW Vixen (and exhibitionist) Kelly Kelly. With her jealous boyfriend Mike Knox nowhere in site, Kelly flashed Balls who laughed giddily for joy.

Balls may have gotten a surprise, but Heyman got exactly what he said he would. Has Dr. Frankenstein truly killed his monster, or has he just fueled his fire even more?

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