Sabu snaps

Sabu promised to take down Big Show, and he stayed true to his word. However, despite leaving Big Show bloody and battered, Sabu was disqualified in his rematch against the ECW World Champion.

Early in the night, Paul Heyman had told Big Show he didn't think it was a good idea for the champ to face Sabu. But Big Show told Heyman not to worry and that he would have no problem taking care of him, especially since Sabu would be out of his element with no chairs, tables or weapons allowed in the match.

During Tuesday night's main event, Big Show dominated Sabu through the beginning of the match; but later in the match the referee was knocked out when Big Show accidentally speared him, and Sabu took the opportunity to hit Big Show with a series of chair attacks. He threw the chair out of the ring and covered the giant as a new referee ran to the ring, but the big man kicked out; at that point, it seemed that nothing Sabu threw at the extreme giant was enough to get the job done.

After weeks of struggling for even a chance at Big Show, Sabu snapped and grabbed the ring bell. The referee tried to stop him, but ran off when it looked like Sabu would attack him. The out of control Sabu then struck Big Show in the head, busting him open. The referee called for the disqualification, but Sabu continued to beat the champ with the bell, sending him out of the ring and crashing through a table. Even though Sabu stood tall, it was only a moral victory as it was the bloody and battered Big Show who left victorious with the ECW World Title.

Big Show wasn't the only Extremist Heyman counseled that night. He also talked to Hardcore Holly, who made his ECW debut this week.

"Here you are having been held back all these years because of your reputation for volatility," Heyman told his newest disciple. "I know you're angry; I'd be angry too. I'd be downright vengeful."

But Heyman went on to warn Holly that he had enemies in ECW, whispering into his ear the name of one Extremist in particular he needed to be aware of.

"As soon as he found out I was signing you to ECW he started rallying the locker room against you," Heyman told him. "For you to make it in ECW you need to make an impact."

Holly wasted no time heeding Heyman's words. Immediately following Rob Van Dam's victory over Danny Doring, Holly came out to the ring and hit RVD from behind with a steel chair. He then cracked Doring over the head with it before giving RVD a vicious Alabama Slam, letting everyone in the locker room know Hardcore Holly was in the house. Could RVD be the name Heyman whispered to Holly?

Another Extremist that has had his share of dealings with Heyman, Tommy Dreamer, was in action as well. After Mike Knox and Test stopped the Extreme Bikini Contest between ECW's Kelly Kelly and RAW's Torrie Wilson, Dreamer and fellow ECW original, Sandman, stormed to the ring.

Sandman challenged Knox, Test and Kelly to a Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match against him, Dreamer and Torrie. The beautiful Diva got the action started when she dragged Kelly into the ring by her hair, and she went on to yank up her sequined bikini bottoms and give Kelly a Facial.

Knox & Test would soon take over, but even though they tried to double-team their opponents, Sandman was able to pull off his signature Rolling Rock Senton Bomb and White Russian Leg Sweep before Dreamer hit Knox with a powerful DDT for the pin and the win. Dreamer, Sandman and Torrie celebrated the huge victory over Test and Knox in the ring, as the ECW originals have been facing off with the two new Extremists in one of the most bitter rivalries currently in ECW.

From bitter to biters, Vampire Kevin Thorn took on ECW original Balls Mahoney in the night's Extreme Rules Match. Thorn inflicted serious injury on Balls with his walking stick, but Balls retaliated by pounding Thorn's head into the announce table and smashing a bottle of water into his face. Balls was about to take a chair in the ring to do some serious damage, but Ariel bit him in the leg. Thorn took the opportunity to grab Balls and hit him with what looked like a modified jawbreaker for the pin and the win. Ariel was so excited that she wrapped her legs around Thorn's waist and the two shared an extreme moment in the ring.

Even though he only competed in his third match on Tuesday, CM Punk has quickly become an ECW favorite. The straight-edge Extremist faced Christopher W. Anderson, who was making his ECW on Sci Fi debut. Anderson, an ECW original, is known for pounding his opponents with his powerful left fist and his deadly Anderson Spinebuster.

It was an exciting match as the two men quickly exchanged a series of maneuvers. Anderson got in a few big left hands and the devastating Spinebuster, but Punk responded with a huge running knee and a series of quick martial arts strikes and kicks. In the end, Anderson tapped out to Punk's devastating Anaconda Vice submission hold. Even though Anderson did not get the win, he put up a good fight against one of ECW's newest competitors.

Also making his debut this week was former RAW Superstar Matt Striker. In addition to trying to give a vocabulary lesson to the "uneducated fans of ECW," as he put it, the teacher also offered a bit of knowledge.

"Brawn only works some of time," he said very slowly. "Brains work all of the time. I'm bringing my brains to ECW."

Newcomer Rene Dupree took a break from combing his hair in the mirror to share his thoughts as well.
"I look in the mirror and I see the most extreme athlete in the history of ECW," said Dupree.

And finally, the Mohawked "Reject," Shannon Moore, made an appearance once again to pass along his message that "The system is oppressive."

Moore's words sum up the atmosphere in ECW, at least if you ask ECW originals Dreamer, RVD and Sabu. But with Heyman working so hard to keep Sabu away from his champion, what will his reaction be now that he has left the champ bloodied and beaten?

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