Morrison's fire lit

Morrison's fire lit

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The end seemed near for ECW Champion John Morrison. CM Punk was rolling smoothly along the road to SummerSlam. But a tag team loss for the Straightedge Superstar at the hands of the ECW Champ might be enough fuel to light Morrison's fire just days before their ECW Title match at SummerSlam.

On ECW, Punk and Boogeyman faced Morrison and The Miz in tag team action. While Boogeyman's worms were flying at Extreme Exposé, The Miz's debut ECW main event match ended with a G.T.S. from CM Punk. But while the Straightedge Superstar was leveling the self-proclaimed chick magnet, Punk didn't see The Miz tag Morrison. The ECW Champ entered the ring to take advantage of the situation, and delivered a surprise corkscrew neckbreaker to Punk.

While many thought Punk had Morrison's number heading into SummerSlam, it seems the tables have turned and the playing field is now equal. Morrison appears to be highly motivated to defend his ECW Championship this Sunday at SummerSlam. Was his win on ECW meant to deliver a message to CM Punk? Or will the Straightedge Superstar finally be victorious in an ECW Championship match?

Tune in to SummerSlam this Sunday night at 8/9 CT, only on pay-per-view.

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