Golden Slam

Golden Slam

QUAD CITIES, Ill. -- The World's Strongest Champion is still the king of the Land of the Extreme. In a brutal SummerSlam rematch on ECW on Sci Fi, ECW Champion Mark Henry defeated Matt Hardy, as Henry's ally, WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, once again did more than just look on.

Henry and Hardy's title match at SummerSlam was cut short when Atlas attacked Hardy, leaving Henry to retain ECW gold on Sunday. After Atlas' assault, Hardy's brother, Jeff, rushed to aid his sibling, and then hit the WWE Hall of Famer. Finally, the brothers leveled Henry with a double-suplex. But these actions weren't enough to sideline the World's Strongest Champion in his mission to retain ECW gold.

Despite the 150-pound weight difference between Hardy and Henry, Hardy's inner strength and passion makes up for his smaller size. But that passion wasn't enough for Hardy this week, especially with Atlas at ringside. The WWE Hall of Famer interfered in the title match more than once, which the referee never saw. Despite a strong fight, Hardy fell victim to a World's Strongest Slam, leading Henry to retain the ECW Championship. (WATCH)

Also on Tuesday night, Tommy Dreamer, Evan Bourne & Super Crazy teamed up in tag action against John Morrison, The Miz & Chavo Guerrero, who was accompanied by his bodyguard, Bam Neely. After Morrison held down Dreamer's foot, leading him to become entangled in the ring ropes, The Miz delivered a neckbreaker off the ropes to pin the ECW Original for the tag team win.

Ricky Ortiz kept his undefeated streak alive on ECW. With his "Ricky O. Rally Towel" in hand, the flashy, brash newcomer picked up his fourth straight victory, much to the delight of the his fans -- the Rick ‘n' Rollers -- waving Rally Towels throughout the arena. Ortiz defeated the debuting Gavin Spears, another newcomer who calls himself "the crown jewel of ECW's New Superstar Initiative." Also debuting was ECW referee Aaron Davis, who arrived in the Land of the Extreme as part of General Manager Theodore Long's New Superstar Initiative.

Finally, the rivalry between Mike Knox and Finlay heated up during an intense confrontation. Knox, who accused Finlay of going "soft" because of his relationship with his son, Hornswoggle, was once again invited to join the man who loves to fight -- who was without his trusty shillelagh -- in the ECW ring. But the Desert Destroyer refused, accusing Finlay of being afraid, stating he'd make his move when he's good and ready. Since Knox wouldn't get in the ring for a second time, the Belfast Brawler stepped out and attacked Knox on the ramp, leading to an all-out brawl, which had to be stopped by several WWE officials. By the order of GM Long, Knox and Finlay will finally bring their differences to the ECW ring during a match on next week's ECW on Sci Fi. (WATCH)

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