A Regal road to SummerSlam

A Regal road to SummerSlam

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Ruthless No. 1 Contender William Regal used his sinister ways to inflict as much damage and pain as possible to ECW Champion Christian just five days before he'll try to pry the Extreme gold from his hands Sunday at SummerSlam. (Match Preview)

William Regal & Vladimir Kozlov def. ECW Champion Christian & Ezekiel Jackson (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After ECW Champion Christian's tag team partner, Tommy Dreamer, was savagely attacked backstage by their main event opponents, Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal, Captain Charisma was forced to find a new associate Tuesday night as Dreamer began showing concussion-like symptoms. Christian unexpectedly partnered with Ezekiel Jackson to face No. 1 Contender Regal & The Moscow Mauler.

During the match, the Extreme, unstoppable force known as Ezekiel Jackson ran into the ring after his adversary, Kozlov. But Jackson didn't lay a hand on The Sambo Master, instead turning on the ECW Champion, leveling his partner, allowing Regal to pin Christian for the victory. Not to be outdone, Kozlov continued his weeks-long game of one-upsmanship with Jackson, picking up Christian and furthering the damage. Finally, Jackson hit the already-battered Christian one last time. Throughout the carnage, No. 1 Contender Regal stood by devilishly smiling and encouraging Jackson and Kozlov, while watching the brutal decimation of his SummerSlam opponent.

Will the effects of this attack on Christian linger until Sunday when he must defend his ECW Championship against his most venomous challenger to date? Has enough harm truly been done to Christian to allow the ruthless Regal to become ECW Champion for the first time at SummerSlam? Or will Captain Charisma once again find the heart, soul and fortitude to prevail against The British Brawler? Tune in to SummerSlam, live Sunday at 8ET/5PT, only on pay-per-view. (Match Preview)

Hurricane def. Paul Burchill (PHOTOS | WATCH)
A revenge-seeking Paul Burchill met Hurricane on this week's ECW on Syfy. On last week's show, Burchill lost to Yoshi Tatsu by disqualification and was later attacked -- and surprised -- by Hurricane.  But this week, The Ripper didn't fare any better. In his first match since his shocking return, the masked Superstar defeated Burchill with an Eye of the Hurricane. Will Burchill ever get retribution against the justice-seeking, superhero Superstar?

"The Abraham Washington Show" with Goldust and Sheamus (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The rivalry between Goldust and Sheamus intensified this week on Abraham Washington's critically-acclaimed talk show. The Bizarre One tried to explain to the controversial Washington why he and Sheamus have been at odds, but Goldust's speech affliction wouldn't allow him to.

"I get the tics from time to time," he admitted, stating he was electrocuted 6½ years ago. The outspoken Washington told Goldust not to be nervous, but then brought out the evening's other special guest, Sheamus. The intense, angry Irishman told Goldust he got lucky last week on "WWE Superstars."

"You don't understand, lightning doesn't strike this Celtic Warrior twice. This isn't over by a longshot, you gold freak," Sheamus said to his golden rival.

Sheamus and Goldust engaged in a powerful staredown, a moment that was broken only because The Bizarre One's condition kicked in. When will these two Superstars try to settle their score again in the ring?

Zack Ryder def. Yoshi Tatsu (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Long Island, N.Y.'s favorite Superstar earned another Extreme victory this week, this time over Yoshi Tatsu. Zack Ryder continued to show off his impressive in-ring skills, proving to be one of the fiercest rising Superstars on ECW on Syfy. With his patented Zack Attack, Ryder defeated the Japanese Superstar, then grabbed the microphone to offer his infamous message to the WWE Universe: "Woo woo woo. You know it!" Who will dare to face this brash, young, cocky Superstar next?

Courtney Taylor debuts
ECW's newest Diva -- Courtney Taylor -- made her debut in the Land of the Extreme Tuesday night. The backstage beauty showed off her interviewing skills with ECW General Manager Tiffany (WATCH)and Tommy Dreamer (WATCH). Welcome to ECW, Courtney!

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