World's Strongest message

World's Strongest message

NORFOLK, Va. -- SummerSlam opponents joined forces in the ring on Tuesday night, as ECW Champion Mark Henry & Matt Hardy faced John Morrison & The Miz on ECW on Sci Fi. Hardy, the No. 1 contender for ECW gold, dominated the match, as a frustrated Henry stood by hoping to tag in. Hardy hit Morrison with a brutal Side Effect off the top rope, leading to the pin for the win.

After the bell rang, Henry attacked Morrison & The Miz, looking for revenge for last week's "Dirt Sheet" debacle on ECW on Sci Fi. After referee Wes Anderson and WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas held the World Strongest Champion's arms in the air to honor the tag team victory, Henry also congratulated Hardy. But the celebration ended quickly when Henry delivered a devastating World's Strongest Slam to the No. 1 contender, directly into the ECW Championship, sending a serious message to his SummerSlam opponent. Will Hardy recover before SummerSlam on Sunday? Will Henry continue to dominate as ECW Champion? Find out this Sunday at SummerSlam, at 8/7 CT, live and only on pay-per-view. (WATCH)

Also on ECW, Tommy Dreamer met his former protégé-turned-traitor, Colin Delaney, in an Extreme Rules Match. The ECW Original's shopping cart full of Extreme weapons -- including a kendo stick, steel trash can and traffic signs -- only added to the painful beating inflicted to young Delaney, who turned on his mentor weeks ago, costing him a chance at the ECW Championship and later helping Armando Estrada earn an ECW contract. Dreamer defeated Delaney with a brutal DDT into a stop sign, but has he truly stopped the antics of Delaney? With another loss under his belt, has Delaney finally learned his lesson?

Armando Estrada toasted to his new ECW contract with General Manager Theodore Long and Long's assistant, Tiffany, but the celebration was cut short when the GM informed Estrada that he'd be facing Finlay immediately. Estrada is now 0-1 as a newly contracted ECW Superstar, picking up his first loss to the man who loves to fight as Mike Knox looked on. After his victory, Finlay urged Knox -- who recently told Finlay he's gone soft thanks to his relationship with his son, Hornswoggle -- to come down to the ring, but a scowling Knox didn't budge, and eventually walked away without a physical confrontation. Will these two rivals ever meet in the Extreme ring?

Finally, Evan Bourne's hot streak continued on ECW when he defeated Bam Neely for the second week in a row, this time in singles action. The young, quick-thinking high-flyer, who arrived in the Land of the Extreme as part of General Manager Long's New Superstar Initiative, beat the odds once again by defeating the much-larger Neely, who was not at 100 percent due to being attacked by Edge last week on SmackDown. Neely, the bodyguard of Chavo Guerrero, was ordered by his boss to compete, despite his concussion, which only helped the already strong Bourne win with another impressive shooting star press off the top rope. Will anyone be able to stop this daring, unpredictable new Superstar?

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