Extreme fight to the finish

Extreme fight to the finish

UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- In one of the most historic, memorable matches in ECW on Syfy history, Christian retained his ECW Championship after defeating Tommy Dreamer in a brutal Extreme Rules Match, complete with Singpore canes, crutches, steel trash cans, a hot dog cart and even a car door, Tuesday night in Nassau Coliseum.

ECW Champion Christian def. Tommy Dreamer (Extreme Rules, Title Match) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
With no countouts and no disqualifications, anything was possible when ECW Champion Christian defended his title against Tommy Dreamer in a match near and dear to the ECW Original's heart -- Extreme Rules. Dreamer used nearly every Extreme prop imaginable to bruise and batter Captain Charisma in front of the WWE Universe, who was clearly divided with their cheers for both competitors.

Dreamer tossed Christian face-first into a hot dog cart, reached in, took a bite of a hot dog, then brazenly smashed the rest into his opponent's face. Christian endured a beating with steel condiment containers, crutches and Singapore canes, and was even sent head-first into a steel trash can. But Captain Charisma endured, retaliating against the ECW Original who was so hungry to regain the Title. Christian picked up a car door from outside the ring, but Dreamer tried to used it against him, attempting to Piledrive the ECW Champion into the steel. When it mattered most, Christian countered, sending Dreamer into the car door with a Killswitch. Christian picked up the car door and laid it atop Dreamer to aid him with the pin, securing the victory to retain the ECW Championship.

With the ECW Title still strapped around Christian's waist after the hard-fought Extreme Rules battle, who will Captain Charisma have to face in the future on the road to SummerSlam?

"The Abraham Washington Show" returns (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Zack Ryder interrupted this week's "Abraham Washington Show," claiming the show as his own, since they were in Long Island's Nassau Coliseum -- his home turf. "Bro, this is Long Island and everyone knows the only good thing to come out of Long Island is Zack Ryder," he said. But Washington's originally scheduled guest, Shelton Benjamin, emerged to defend himself against the badmouthing Ryder and Washington.

Benjamin challenged Ryder to prove he's the more entertaining Superstar, so Washington decided he'd hold an impromptu "Abraham Idol" show. Ryder showed off his singing skills with Hootie & the Blowfish's "Only Wanna Be With You." But as The Gold Standard belted out the same tune, Ryder attacked him from behind and said: "Now you're singing the blues. Woo Woo Woo." Benjamin rose to his feet and retaliated, flipping Ryder over the couch, turning "The Abraham Washington Show" into an all-out brawl.

Now that Benjamin has finally been a guest -- and left a mark -- on "The Abraham Washington Show," will The Gold Standard be welcomed back again? What's next for Benjamin and Ryder?

Ezekiel Jackson def. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Ezekiel Jackson easily steamrolled through another local competitor this week on ECW on Syfy. But Vladimir Kozlov again appeared after Jackson's match, staring down the seemingly unstoppable force. The Moscow Mauler picked up the local competitor and hit him with an Iron Curtain. Not to be outdone in the game of oneupsmanship, Jackson again leveled the local opponent, then exited the ring without looking back. When will these two Superstars finally clash in the Land of the Extreme?

Sheamus def. Goldust (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In a repeat performance of last week's match, ECW's new Celtic Warrior bested The Bizarre One. After his win, the undefeated Sheamus told the WWE Universe: "I came in search of gold and all they gave me was dust," which prompted Goldust to attack the Irishman. What's next for these two ECW on Syfy rivals?

The mysterious masked man saves the day (WATCH)
The mysterious masked man arrived just in time to rescue a backstage employee from danger again. But before ECW General Manager Tiffany could talk to him, the masked man disappeared as quickly as he appeared in the Land of the Extreme.

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