The Christian era begins

The Christian era begins

BALTIMORE — At Sunday's Night of Champions, Christian defeated Tommy Dreamer to reclaim the ECW Title. Tonight, the two Superstars meet face to face for the first time since that night. Will the old friends shake hands or throw fists? And when will Dreamer enact his rematch clause? These questions and more are answered on tonight's ECW on SyFy.

Tyler Reks def. Paul Burchill (w/ Katie Lea Burchill) (PHOTOS)
On last Tuesday's ECW on Syfy, Paul Burchill attacked newcomer Tyler Reks after the California native defeated him fairly in the ring. This underhanded assault was clearly still on Reks' mind as he walked down the aisle for his rematch with The Ripper. Displaying an aggressive side that we have yet to see from the young competitor, Reks took Burchill from pillar to post and made him pay for his classless act. With another decisive victory over the Englishman, Reks has shown the WWE Universe that he's not just some laidback surfer dude — he's an intense Superstar worth watching.  

Vladimir Kozlov def. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Tonight's local competitor should've known better than to step in the ring with Vladimir Kozlov. The 6-foot-8, 302-pound Soviet Cyborg made short work of his outmatched opponent, plowing through him with the intensity and power of a Russian tank. Unfortunately, Kozlov's hapless opponent's terrible night didn't end there. After Kozlov pinned the man, the monstrous Ezekiel Jackson stormed into the ring and began beating on the fallen competitor — the same thing Kozlov did after Jackson's match last Tuesday. Clearly, these two runaway trains are on a very dangerous collision course.

Sheamus def. Goldust (PHOTOS)
The explosive Irishman named Sheamus continued his winning ways with an impressive victory over Goldust. While the peculiar veteran utilized his unorthodox offense to challenge the newcomer, the self-proclaimed "Celtic Warrior's" scary strength and unmatched aggression were simply too much for The Bizarre One to handle. With a streak of impressive wins, the pale brute is quickly making a serious impact in ECW.

ECW Champion Christian addresses the WWE Universe (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Days after defeating Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Championship at Night of Champions, Christian returned to the Land of Extreme with the gold over his shoulder and a smile on his face. But while Captain Charisma spoke about the importance of his victory, he was interrupted by Tommy Dreamer. The ECW Original informed Christian that he wanted his rematch next Tuesday — and the contest would be an Extreme Rules Match.

ECW Champion Christian def. Zack Ryder in a non-title match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Immediately after he was informed that he will be defending his newly won ECW Championship against Tommy Dreamer next Tuesday, Christian had to step in the ring with rising star Zack Ryder. Still, Captain Charisma was able to keep his mind on the aggressive Long Island native. Ryder displayed his trademark viciousness and put up an amazing fight, but the ECW Champion outmaneuvered him and scored the victory with a Killswitch. Will Dreamer be able to avoid the same fate next Tuesday?

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