Sabu makes a statement

Sabu wants a chance at the ECW World Title and is willing to take matters into his own hands to get it. But according to ECW's messiah, Paul Heyman, it's not going to happen.

"I won't make the match. Not tonight, not next week, not ever," said Heyman who proceeded to tell Sabu to take the rest of the night off because he was "too emotional."

Heyman would not give in even at the request of ECW Champion Big Show, who was confident he could destroy Sabu just like he planned to destroy Kane later in the night.

"I know you trust my judgment," said Heyman, who has become increasingly vague and controlling over the last several weeks. "I have my reasons."

That might have been enough of an answer for Big Show, but the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac wouldn't take no for an answer.

In Tuesday night's Extreme Rules Main Event, the 7-footer Kane showed that he could go extreme, making good use of chairs, garbage cans and tables. Just as Kane was about the get the three count on Big Show, Heyman came to his champion's aid and pulled the referee out of the ring. The enraged Big Red Monster pulled Heyman into the ring, but Big Show viciously hit his opponent with a chair and followed with an extra-brutal chokeslam on a chair for the win.

But that wasn't enough for the extreme champion. Big Show was about to further punish Kane with a chair, but he turned to catch a surprise chair kicked in his face by Sabu. Heyman looked on, furious that Sabu would disobey him, but it was too late; Sabu had sent his message. Will Sabu get the answer he is looking for or will Heyman retaliate for his insubordination?

Earlier in the night, Heyman made an example out of Little Guido for allegedly disagreeing with the "lifeblood" of ECW. Much like he had his henchmen beat up Tommy Dreamer last week, Heyman had his private security guards pummel Guido before dragging him to the ring, where his beating continued in a match against Ariel's blood sucking, gothic friend. Not surprisingly, Guido was no match for his opponent, who left him a defeated, battered mess.

Speaking of horrible beatings, the night began with Mike Knox protesting allegations that he abandoned girlfriend Kelly Kelly last week after Sandman accidentally caned her in the head when Knox used her as a human shield.

"I would never abandon you," Knox assured the skittish Kelly.

Knox defiantly blamed Sandman for caning Kelly and called him out for a match. Sandman came out and went to town on Knox., but just when he was about to hit Knox with the Singapore cane, the petite Vixen dove in to protect her boyfriend. Sandman pulled up short, but was then blindsided by Test, who proceeded to beat the hell out of Sandman with Knox's help. The match ended in a disqualification, but Knox didn't seem to mind as he left the ring with his new friend. Once again, he left Kelly behind, even though she had selflessly protected him.

Test and Knox were congratulating each other in the locker room area when Dreamer came out of nowhere and bashed both men in the head with a garbage can. Dreamer was obviously upset about Test attacking him for Heyman last week, and wanted everyone to know that he wouldn't fall in line that easily.

Two other ECW staples, Balls Mahoney and Justin Credible, exchanged blows in a non Extreme Rules Match Tuesday night. After having no success with several submission holds, Credible knocked Balls into referee Mike Posey, sending him to the ground in a daze.

Credible took the opportunity to grab a chair to try to gain the advantage in the match, but Balls took the chair and hit him over the head just as Posey was coming to. Posey called for the disqualification, and Balls, who is used to competing in Extreme Rules Matches, furiously argued with him about it. Ultimately, Balls took out his frustration by hitting Posey over the head with the chair. The Detroit crowd exploded with chants of "Balls" after getting to see the Chair Swinging Freak do what he does best.

For several weeks now, fans have caught glimpses of some Extremist on their way to ECW. This week "The Reject" Shannon Moore made another silent appearance. "The Reject" was sporting his signature Mohawk, makeup and nose ring, but again said nothing. On the other hand, CM Punk explained he was just a kid from the streets that will get to live out his dream in one week when he debuts on ECW.

It was also announced that Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle will be in action next week when ECW is live from Hammerstein Ballroom. The last time Angle was at the Hammerstein was for ECW's One Night Stand, where he made Randy Orton tap out to his infamous Ankle Lock. Which Extremist will have the unenviable task next week of facing one of ECW's toughest?

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