Deadman's fate in jeopardy

The Big Show challenged Undertaker to try to take his ECW World Title… but just when it looked like he would defeat Big Show, The Great Khali came out and destroyed the Deadman.

Big Show and Undertaker fought hard back and forth in their match. The crowd kept rallying behind the Deadman, who had Big Show on the ropes when Khali made his surprise visit.

Undertaker went right for Khali and the two phenoms fought their way to the ring. Undertaker went extreme on both the giants, repeatedly hitting them with a chair. But as the Deadman was preparing to send Khali through the announce table, Big Show and Khali came together to give Undertaker a double chokeslam through the table instead. Khali stood over Undertaker's body with his arms raised and let out a victorious yell as the show went off the air.

After such a beating, there is no telling how bad the carnage will be between Undertaker and The Great Khali Sunday at The Great American Bash in the Punjabi Prison Match.

Earlier in the show, Paul Heyman went to the ring with two private security guards to explain to his "children" (the audience) that they needed to "drink the Kool Aid," and that he understood how it would be hard for them to keep up with his "superior intellect."

Tommy Dreamer, who's been with ECW from the beginning, came out and told Heyman that "right or wrong, I always had your back, but everyone in the locker room, they are confused…I'm your friend…you owe that locker room an explanation…What the hell is going on with you?"

Heyman dropped the mic, grabbed Dreamer by the face and gave him the kiss of death; full on the mouth, man-lips touching and everything. Without warning, Heyman's newest disciple, Test, flew in and decimated Dreamer. Just like last week, Test obediently delivered Heyman's brutal form of discipline for questioning his motives.

Speaking of discipline, Mike Knox told his girlfriend Kelly Kelly that he was putting a stop to her exhibitionist ways. The show started with Kelly trying to scratch her exhibitionist itch on Kelly's Exposé, but once again, her jealous boyfriend stopped her. Knox blamed Kelly for the caning he received from Sandman last week while trying to stop Kelly and RAW Diva Candice Michelle from becoming too intimate.

He went on to order her to stand in his corner to watch his Extreme Rules match with Sandman. Anything goes in an Extreme Rules Match; no disqualifications and no count outs.

During the match, Knox pulled Kelly in front of him to shield himself from Sandman's signature Singapore cane. Kelly took a devastating shot to the head, but Knox was unphased and proceeded to hit Sandman with several low blows before getting the pin and storming out of the arena. He didn't even check on the incapacitated Kelly, who had to be taken away by paramedics on a stretcher, leaving everyone to wonder what kind of a man he is.

Another famed Extremist, Sabu, showed everyone Tuesday night he could get the job done no matter what. He faced ECW veteran Stevie Richards, but it was not an Extreme Rules Match. The men grappled for a while, but Sabu won the bout with a Camel Clutch, a move made famous by his uncle The Original Sheik.

From extreme wrestlers to extreme lifestyles, Ariel the tarot card reader and her Vampire cohort made an appearance this week. It looked like the Vampire had been feeding on Ariel again, and her tarot cards predicted death in the future of Big Show and The Great Khali. This prediction did not come true Tuesday night; could it come true at The Great American Bash?

This week also gave us glimpse of several other ECW Extremists. The first was Balls Mahoney, who said he's a little nuts and he likes it that way. Next was the straight-edge wrestler CM Punk who believes it's his extreme discipline that will give him an edge in ECW. Finally, there was Mohawk sporting Shannon Moore. Little is known about the seen, but not heard "Reject" who will be coming to ECW soon.

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