Charismatic fate

Charismatic fate

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Tommy Dreamer proudly grasped his ECW Championship -- a title he spent years fighting and hungering for -- as he watched two Superstars battle for the spot as No. 1 contender. The ECW Original sat stone-faced as he learned he'll face his friend and former ECW Champion, Christian, later this month in a city rich in ECW history -- Philadelphia.

Christian def. Vladimir Kozlov (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Christian earned No. 1 Contendership to the ECW Championship Thursday night with a colossal victory over Vladimir Kozlov. ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer joined the ECW announce team during the match, and said he'd face either Superstar and defend his title with honor at Night of Champions on July 26.

While the dominant, angry Moscow Mauler brutalized Captain Charisma throughout the match, former ECW Champion Christian was fueled by the desire to once again earn a chance at the Extreme Title. Christian landed a devastating Killswitch on the Sambo master for the key victory.

ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer must defend his prized Title at Night of Champions on July 26 against one of the Superstars closest to him -- No. 1 contender Christian. Additionally, the match will take place in Philadelphia -- the birthplace of ECW. What will happen when Dreamer and Christian -- two Superstars motivated by heart, soul and fortitude -- clash in the City of Brotherly Love?

"The Abraham Washington Show" with ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer (PHOTOS)
One of ECW's newest Superstars -- Abraham Washington -- returned to the Land of the Extreme this week with a special guest in tow -- ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer. When Washington wasn't bragging about his show's high ratings, he was picking on the ECW Original.

"You are the biggest Superstar in ECW history," Washington mocked Dreamer. "Unfortunately I mean that literally, man. I mean you are huge!"

Dreamer refused to give in to Washington's taunts. Instead, he told the WWE Universe he wanted to face Christian -- not Kozlov -- at Night of Champions, because pound-for-pound, he's a great competitor and friend, which prompted the Moscow Mauler to invade the ring and stare down the ECW Champion.

Ezekiel Jackson def. local competitor (PHOTOS)
Ezekiel Jackson -- who arrived in ECW in the WWE Draft earlier this year -- made a quick and forceful impact on the Land of the Extreme Thursday night. After telling the WWE Universe there's only one name that's important in the history of ECW -- and that's Ezekiel -- the massive, 6-foot-4-inch Superstar sent a powerful message by decimating a local competitor with a Modified Yurinagi. How does Jackson plan to dominate the Land of the Extreme?

Shelton Benjamin def. Yoshi Tatsu (PHOTOS)
Seeking revenge for last week's quick loss to Yoshi Tatsu, Shelton Benjamin was on a mission to punish his Japanese competitor who arrived in ECW via the New Superstar Initiative. This week, Tatsu proved he's a worthy opponent to The Gold Standard, pummeling him with kick after kick, and impressing the WWE Universe with a giant Springboard Spinning Heel Kick off the ropes. Despite holding the momentum for most of the match, Tatsu fell to Benjamin's Pay Dirt. The Gold Standard and the Japanese Superstar are 1 and 1 -- who will regain the lead in this Extreme rivalry?

Brie Bella (with Nikki) def. Katie Lea Burchill (PHOTOS | WATCH)
ECW's newest Divas -- twin sisters Brie and Nikki Bella -- showed off their strong and sly in-ring skills to the WWE Universe this week. With Brie cheering her on at ringside, Nikki began the match against Katie Lea Burchill, but when her opponent's and the referee's backs were turned, the twins pulled off a winning switch. Brie entered the ring to relieve her sister and pinned Katie Lea for the victory. How will the sinister Katie Lea get revenge on the twins? How long will the twins be able to keep up their tricky ways?

A masked man appears again
A mysterious masked man aided a stagehand in peril again this week on ECW on Syfy. For the second week in a row, this unexplained appearance lasted mere moments, as onlookers, including ECW General Manager Tiffany, were stunned by the appearance. Who was this masked man and how will he impact ECW?

ECW on Syfy
WWE Universe: ECW on Syfy returns to its regular night and time -- Tuesday at 10/9 CT -- next week.

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