Spear Two

This week on Sci Fi, WWE and ECW World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam defeated the Wrestling Machine, Sandman beat up an obese male stripper, and Big Show manhandled Tommy Dreamer…again.

Tuesday afternoon, it was announced that the Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle match would carry a special stipulation. If Angle won, he would be inserted into the Championship match at July 15’s Saturday Night’s Main Event, turning the Triple Threat into a Fatal Four-Way. Tuesday night, Angle told the ECW fans what being a Champion meant to him.

“What you don’t know, is that every day since April 2nd has been a failure to me. Because, April 2nd was the last day I held a Championship”. The Olympic hero continued. “Inside, I hate myself because I am a Champion. I am the greatest Champion this business has ever seen. Tonight, I’m going to put Rob Van Dam in such agonizing pain that he’s going to wish he could go back in time and choose a different line of work. When your name is Kurt Angle, failure is not an option.”

For Kurt Angle, failure might not have been an option, but on Tuesday night, it was a reality. The Wrestling Machine gave a first-class performance, but the reigning WWE and ECW Champion was up for the challenge.

Angle owned the early portion of the match, using his vast arsenal of mat-wrestling techniques to ground the high-flying Van Dam. RVD eventually fought back, using a variety of trademark martial arts kicks to gain the advantage. However, Angle had Van Dam well scouted because when RVD went for his signature Rolling Thunder, the Wrestling Machine was ready and countered it into the Ankle Lock. 

Somehow, Van Dam fought his way to the ropes and escaped the Ankle Lock, earning himself a second chance in the match. RVD took advantage of his new lease on life, countering an Angle Slam attempt into a spike DDT, and then sealing the deal with the Five-Star Frogsplash.

After the match, Van Dam was attacked again by Edge, who delivered on his promise to show up at Sci Fi when he arrived with Lita prior to the main event and claimed two seats in the Roanoke Civic Center’s front row. Edge, who along with John Cena will challenge Van Dam for the WWE Championship at July 15’s Saturday Night Main Event, speared RVD for the second straight night, sending a message to the ECW fan-favorite.
(watch the video)

Last week on Sci Fi, Tommy Dreamer told Big Show that if he wanted to prove himself in ECW, he’d have to go through the Innovator of Violence. Show ended up giving Dreamer the beating of a lifetime. As Big Show left the ring, Dreamer was seen pulling himself to his feet, seemingly asking for more punishment. (watch last week's video)

This week, Dreamer proved to have the biggest balls in all of ECW, or sports-entertainment for that matter when he called out Big Show again. The strategy might have been different this week, but the result was the same as Big Show again laid waste to the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

Tonight’s episode of ECW on Sci Fi opened with a bang. A frustrated and battered Sabu took on former ECW World Tag Team Champion Roadkill in Extreme Rules singles action. Early on, the death-defying maniac showed signs of fatigue after his loss to John Cena at Vengeance.

Roadkill controlled the action with a series of power moves, and even mixed in a springboard like splash from the second turnbuckle. Eventually though, Sabu came to his senses and regained control. Using his two favorite weapons, a chair and a table, Sabu took the advantage. The hardcore legend drove the Angry Amish Warrior through a table with an Arabian Facebuster, incapaciting his oversized opponent long enough to lock in the Camel Clutch and record the victory. (watch the video)

Last week, ECW Vixen Kelly was interrupted in the middle of her expose by an unknown man who covered her assets with a towel. This week, it was learned that the man with the towel was actually her boyfriend, Mike Knox. The young exhibitionist accompanied Knox to the ring for his match against Danny Doring, but became distracted when fans repeatedly asked her to show them the goods. After the match, which Knox won in impressive fashion, Kelly took to the stage. Unfortunately for the rabid ECW fans in attendance, Knox again threw in the towel and removed the Vixen from the stage.
(watch Mike Knox beat Danny Doring) (watch Kelly Dance)

In the evening’s most troubling moment, a chunky and overly plump male stripper who was described by Joey Styles as “corpulent”, made his way to the ring and delivered the night’s second revealing dance. The rotund adult entertainer’s dance was interrupted by ECW’s Hardore Icon, Sandman. The beer guzzling five-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion was not amused by the fat man’s dance. Accordingly, the Sandman caned the holy hell out of the flabby showman.

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