Ready for a fight

Ready for a fight

ROANOKE, Va. -- Finlay has returned to the Land of the Extreme and he is ready for a fight. With his shillelagh firmly in hand, The Man Who Loves to Fight is living by a new mantra these days: "An eye for an eye."

David Hart Smith def. Christian (PHOTOS | WATCH)
A retribution-seeking Christian was ready to face David Hart Smith on ECW after his tag teammate, Jack Swagger, turned on him last week causing a loss to The Hart Dynasty. But Captain Charisma was once again defeated by his pink and black-clad foes, this time after Natalya distracted the referee while Tyson Kidd attacked Christian from the ring apron, allowing Hart Smith to get the pin.

After the match, The Dynasty continued their attack on Christian, but they quickly fled the ring when a shillelagh-wielding Finlay charged in. As The Dynasty stared down Finlay, The Fighting Irishman lived up to his moniker and shockingly smashed his shillelagh across Christian's head, leaving him face down in the ring. Moments later, Finlay -- who was out of action for several weeks after sustaining an eye injury while breaking up a fight between Christian and ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer -- explained to Gregory Helms: "Where I come from there's a little saying -- an eye for an eye, and that's what it'll be."

Jack Swagger def. ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer (PHOTOS | WATCH)
"The All-American American" earned a future chance at Tommy Dreamer's ECW Title on Tuesday night with a defeat over the ECW Original. However, Swagger's celebration was cut short when Finlay appeared again, this time attacking Dreamer with his shillelagh. Looking to quickly settle his score with Finlay, Christian also ran in to attack the Fighting Irishman. A melee ensued when Swagger became involved, tossing Christian out of the ring. Finally, Finlay smashed his shillelagh over Swagger's head, standing tall above him, Christian and ECW Champion Dreamer. How will Finlay's return to the Land of the Extreme affect his fellow ECW Superstars?

Mark Henry def. Evan Bourne (PHOTOS)
The rivalry between Evan "Air" Bourne and The World's Strongest Man intensified on this week's ECW. After Bourne defeated Henry's associate, WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas, last week, Henry decided he'd try to once again take matters into his own giant hands and finally beat the rising Superstar. At almost a half foot taller and 200 pounds heavier, Henry clearly had the advantage over the high-flyer, and while it took weeks to finally stop Bourne's momentum, Henry decimated his competition with a World's Strongest Slam. After the match, Henry continued his assault, carrying Bourne's limp body around the ring, then delivering another devastating World's Strongest Slam on the already battered Bourne. Is this the end of the rivalry between Bourne and Henry?

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